shampoo bottle flip top cap mold China supply


Offer flip top cap mold, flip top cap mould, closure mold for shampoo bottles, medical bottle, cosmetic bottles, etc. Experience in flip top closure mould unscrewing demoulding, unscrew cap molds with high speed injection molding.

2316 or S136 suggested as core n cavity

We suggest the most suitable steel for each mold components with right hardness achieved. Good quality and real steel used, to ensure mold accuracy and excellent performance.

Unique flip top cap mold design, precision machining, strictly dimension control,

we always try our best to help custom you the best cap molding solution!

Contact with me for more tech details.

Two color flip top cap mold, please visit


PVC-Rohrfitting Form china

china pipe fitting mold maker
Einfallkern Rohrpassform

PVC Formen Porzellan, PVC-Rohrfitting Form mit Einfallkern-System

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unscrewing molds China|unscrewing ejection cap mould maker

unscrewing mold china
unscrewing ejection cap mold maker china

Specialized in custom various types of cap molds, closure molds. Offer you top quality plastic cap injection molding solution, eg, automatic unscrewing ejection cap molding, two color bi-injection cap moulding, auto close flip top closure molding, etc.

Unique mold design which ensure closure mould excellent performance!

2316 or S136 for core and cavity steel, to have cap mould with long lifetime and durability.

We can be your another good choice if you are still looking for the good cap moulds manufacturer in China. We offer you a good mold with competitive cost.

 Feel free to contact with me. Not only care your molds, also guarantee.