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2k gas mask mold

Focare Mould, China top multi color mold maker, offer two shot medical oxygen mask mold, nebulizer face mask two color moulding designs, 2k tpe adult aerosol gas mask mould !

Over years experience, we Focare offers customers with intelligent and cost saving mold and multi shot molding solutions to their production need.

We’ll take baby-sitters care for your 2k projects, from product & mold construction design, mold manufacturing, assembly, testing, etc.

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mold construction design for rotary platen multi shot molding

In the past, a multi materials part was done by using additional secondary services or more complex assemblies. However, today’s multi materials injection molding largely eliminates these additional requirements, making it much more easier to manufacture complex finished parts, faster and cheaper.

According to moving different molded parts can be divided into:

1.      Rotary platen multi shot molding

2.      Rotary shaft multi shot molding

3.      Core toggle multi shot molding

Rotary Platen Multi Shot Molding

The mold core plate contains two identical cores that are mirrored on the centerline of the platen and coincide with the axis of rotation. The cavity plate connected to the fixed platen contains two cavities with different geometries. In each cycle, the rotary platen completes the switching of the molded parts, and eliminates the need for manual switching.

Check below video for better understanding!

Here we only show the two materials mold, which can actually accommodate more materials. The rotary platen can be rotated by 90°, 120° or 180° depending on the amount of material used. Also it will need a special injection machine to provide the required rotation on the core side.

And on my next blogs, I’ll share you my understanding of mold construction design for Rotary shaft multi shot molding & Core toggle multi shot molding!

Hope it will help you for your multi materials molding !



plastic double food storage mold


Focare Mould, China top double colour mold maker, offer plastic double food storage mold, freshness keeping box injection mould 2k, bi material crisper mold, two color mold supply!

The combined resources and expertise of Focare builds on a track record of innovation and leadership in multi materials molding, all designed and manufactured with a focus on creating sustainable, strategic advantage for our customers.

Focare has built a reputation for managing 2k injection mold programs for caps and closures, food, medical, housewares, personal care and cosmetics.

Our experience in advanced part design and high performance molding brings considerable advantages to two color molds programs from early concept development to multiple system start-up.

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bi materials medical mold guedel airway


Focare Mould,China top bicolor mold maker, quality offer bi materials guedel oropharyngeal airway mold, medical airway injection mold 2k, plastic double colour oral airway mold!

As we all know, for medical molds, it always need much more precision, and in many cases, they are more complex in construction designs, as well as quality optical finishes!

Focare invites you to bring us your two color medical project, and you will receive full support right from the design stage to the commercial launch of your product. We Focare provides full support through an experienced design team that has done many multi material applications!

With our combination of bi injection molding solutions, advanced mold design, manufacturing capabilities and innovative 2k molding expertise, Focare is the logical choice for your next custom medical parts project!

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how to choose the suitable two color machine for your bi material molding ??

There are several different types two color machine, then how to choose the suitable one for your bi material injection??

Well, the first let’s talk about the turnable (table rotary) machine with two parallel injection units, it is suit for the most 2k plastic housewares! And 280T will be ok for the max. 300mm part dimension!


Then customer may tell that they do not want the rotary table, as the machine cost will be much higher than without the table ones! If so, and you still want to run it in 2k automatically, then a transfert robot will be needed!

You’ll need the robot to pick the first color part, and put it again into the second color’s position, to have it second color injection! And by this way, then no problem the second nozzle is on the vertical side, L side or just upward the first nozzle, we can do the mold custom to fit with your machine!

The next let’s talk about the axis rotary (shaft rotary) machine, it is suit for the plastic parts which have both sides double colored, for example the toothbrushes!

And I’ll share more details in my next blog about the toothbrush making machine!

Hope it will help you!