two color foldable bucket mold

pp tpe water bucket

plastic double bucket mold

Focare Mould, China top co injection mold maker, quality offer two color plastic bucket mold, double injection bucket foldable, 2k folded bucket, bi component water bucket, bucket rotary mold!

We Focare, a global manufacturer of high quality multi injection molds for closures, personal care, homeware and medical products!

We found customers are looking not just for system integration, but to have the moldmaking and automation design teams meeting face-to-face and working closely together to tackle specialty technical challenges; along with having turnkey project responsibility.

A substantial proportion of we Focare’s molds are built for multi shot applications. We’ll continue to build many multi material molds working with the leading multi colors injection molding machine companies, however now if the customer is looking for a single source built in China, we have a solution to offer.


2 component bucket foldable design


Focare Mould, China top dual component mold maker, offer two color rectangular bucket foldable design, bi material bucket mold, folding water bucket bi color mould design!

Simplify but not simple, I think this is the best state of life for we people in urban! Remove those cumbersome things from our lives, leaving only the most necessaries! And it is same with the foldable housewares, such as fold water buckets, fold drain baskets, and fold washbasins, etc. They can leave more space for our daily lives!

We Focare is committed to the developing and making two-color molds, so far, we have done the most is still simple two-color kitchenwares! But to make easy mold durable, there must be something!

We have been making continuous progress in two color molding! And we are ready for the multi shot medical molds, which with much more precision and more complex mold construction design!


two color insert molding

over mold plastic bucket

Focare Mould, China top 2k mold maker, quality offer 2 component plastic injection mold, two color mold rotary, two molds injection over molding, 2 color insert molding!

Well, as we all know there are two ways to make the 2 colored part, one is by double shot injection at one time, second is by insert over molding, need further secondary molding processing. But why some parts can only go ahead with the insert molding? while some parts can go with the both two shot injection & over molding?? Well, it should depends on the product design!

If you have a new project of 2k molds, then pls come to us. We can do the custom of your requirement. Or even you have only the thought, no details 2D or 3D drawings of the part, no problem, we’ll do the good two color design for your choose!

Let’s start with a trial mold, then you’ll know what we can do for you!