double injection oxygen face mask mold

double component oxygen face mask
2k gas mask mold
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2k gas mask mold

Focare Mould, China top two color mold maker, offer double materials oxygen face mask, pediatric medical mask two color mold design, disposable nebulizer mask 2k mould !

Product name: pediatric medical mask 

Raw material: PP+TPE

Product dimension: 90 x 76 x 64mm

Product weight: first color PP 5.5g, second color TPE 5g

Steel: core/ cavity DIN1.2316 with hardness HRC45-48

Cavity no. : 2+2cav

Gate: 4 tips valve gate

Machine: FCS 230R rotary table machine 

We Focare, aims to offer worldwide customers quality molds. Most important thing is mold must be very durable which is always our basic policy!

At the same time, we’re slowly slowly starting the molding of medical parts! And in future, hopefully we can set up a clean room, to meet the requirements of customers for the medical parts!


bi materials pediatric medium concentration oxygen mask

two shot padiatrics face mask

Focare Mould, China top bi component mold maker, offer paediatric oxygen mask injection mold 2k, two material aerosol pediatric mask, plastic padiatrics medical mask 2 color!

paediatric oxygen and aerosol mask double injectionpaediatric medium concentration two color oxygen mask

Various groups have questioned the use of PVC in medical products and it’s impact on the environment. So now we change to use PP+TPE materials to reduce the environmental impact of its products and processes.

The utilisation of new materials and the latest manufacturing technology has resulted in the elimination of PVC from the mask shell resulting in a reduced environmental impact!

pediatric medium concentration oxygen mask mold 2k

  1. Soft face seal
    For improved patient comfort
  2. A choice of “under chin” or “on-chin” positions
    Provides a better fit on a wider range of patient face shapes
  3. Incurved nose seal
    Improving the fit and eliminating the need for a separate nose clip.
    Designed to prevent oxygen or aerosolised drugs entering the patients’ eyes!
  4. The material forming the body of the mask is clear, permitting visualisation of the patients’ nose and lips. It is also rigid enough to maintain the mask’s shape during transportation and use!

medium concentration pediatric oxygen mask provides a comfortable lightweight option.

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