2k mold hand shears


Focare Mould, China top double mold maker, quality offer multi shot tailor scissors, bi color hand shears, plastic scissors double coloured injection, multi component stationery scissors!

Multi shot molding is a technology that rapidly growing. It is replacing the traditionally ways by two-step systems, eliminating a secondary process to add logos, graphics or text.

The benefits by multi shot molding:

  • can produce much more complex parts
  • can produce multi coloured or multi component parts in one molding process,
    greatly save time and cost, also the defective rate will be much more reduced while compared with the traditional!
  • parts with movable segments or components using “in mold assembly”
  • allows the first material to cool down before the second one is injected

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two component folder mold design


Focare MouldChina top dual color mold maker, offer 2 component folder mold, bi color document folder mold designPVC PMMA paper file multi shot2k mold plastic stationery !

Product name: multi shot folder

Raw material: PMMA+PVC

Product dimension: 92 X 222 X 250mm

Product weight: first color PMMA 550g, second color PVC 14g

Steel: core/ cavity 2343 with hardness HRC45-48

Cavity: 1+1cav

Gate: 3 tips valve gate

Machine: Bole 550T turntable machine

We offer you not only the quality double injection mold, but also a fine multi shot molding solution for your 2k project! We offer:

  • 2k plastic part design
  • 2k mold flow analysis
  • 2k mold DFM
  • 2k mold design
  • 2k mold making
  • 2k molding production

We conform your industrial engineering to tooling engineering, project will be managed by experienced engineers, engineering discussion is available!

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