2 color mold 2k moulds supply

Our factory is in Huangyan China, as Huangyan is famous for worldwide clients especially for plastic injection molds as a mold town. There are many many mold companies here from small to big, compete with each other for years. That’s why cause mold cost differs much.

We do not want jump into this river, catch clients and mold orders by lower down cost to the bottom. We prefer win-win cooperation for top quality molds. So we improve and develop ourselves especially in high precision and high speed molds making. 2 color mold is our featured one.

  • precision melting line of two colors
  • good parameters set on 2 color machine to achieve excellent mold performance with quality colored samples
  • precision locating solution especially for co injection overmolding
  • unique mold design based on our standard

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two color injection over moulding

two molds injection colored
two color injection over molding

Two color injection moulding

As we know two color injection molding machine cost is much higher than single color machine, for bi injection plastic articles, many customer will require to to have over molding, use two sets mold, after first color injected, then put the first colored parts into another mold, to have the final color injecting.

Check above pictures, which is exactly by this single color machine.

We have rich experience in two component injection moulding, two color rotational injection molding.

If you’re still looking for the good two colors mold maker in China, we can be your another good choice.

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