two tone cosmetic bottle closures unscrew mold


Focare Mould, China top multi material mold maker, quality offer two shot cosmetic caps mold, dual injection screw caps for jar, rotary mold cosmetic bottle closures unscrew demoulding.

At Focare, our expertise is working with the steels. Within this category of steels, there are many different types that have their own genetic makeup. Each one has their own list of advantages and disadvantages depending on the final produced product and what type of molding process is being used. Our experts know which steel is the best to use for your project, considering their:

– Flexibility
– Polishing resistance
– Impact resistance
– Chemical resistance

The list is very extensive, but it is incredibly important as a manufacturer to know what steel should be used depending on what the finished product will be.

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multi shot plastic mug mold

China 2K mold plastic cups

Focare Mould, China top two tone mold maker, quality offer multi injection plastic mug mold, two shot tumbler mold, dual colour drinking cups mold, turntable mold plastic tablewares!

We design and build highly complex and intricate injection molds for the medical, electronics and consumer multi colored parts industries.

Focare Mould, is a world leader in multi injection mold building. We have the experienced resources to deliver unmatched engineering design, tool-making, and exceptional customer service.

With decades years of building some of the most complicated injection molds, we have the know-how to make the most difficult molds that much of the mold building industry cannot tackle.

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bi injection storage tray mold


Focare Mould, China top multi color mold maker, quality offer bicolors storage tray mold, plastic trays double mold, two shot collection tray, two color mould design storing tray!

2k molds and bi injection molding have grown significantly now. The advantages of applying 2k molding technology are not only considering to have a better surface looking of the plastic parts, but maybe also to enhance part design features, or simply to add quality to the part or to reduce the cost of the downstream parts assembly.

Two color injection is not specific to one technology. It is driven by product design and can be performed by different mold construction design techniques such as: internal pull-back core / sliders, rotating stripper plate, indexing transfer plate, turntable, and robot transfer from cavity to cavity or mold to mold.

We Focare provides rotary molds, cube molds, shuttle molds and in mold automation to efficiently perform multi-shot processes.

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