multi shot veggies strainer mold


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Depending on your industry and part, you may have special requirements that will limit your options when it comes to working with manufacturers in terms of standards and grades of plastic. Medical, industrial, and electronic parts all have their own requirements. Further, the application of the part will further impact part design, specifications, and plastic selection. Here at Focare, we pride ourselves on comprehensive mold making from assisting in prototype development, tooling design, tool construction and testing, parts production, and parts maintenance.

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multi shot bakery basket mold

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Performing preventive mold maintenance, before the mold requires repairs, is vital to supporting high volume production.

It is important to evaluate the condition of your tool after a set amount of cycles to formulate a preventive mold maintenance plan. The plastic resin used in the molding process has impact on the wear and tear on the tool, for example a glass filled nylon, will place greater wear on the tool than non-glass filled material.

Together with each mold shipping, we‘ll attach the corresponding mold maintenance and maintenance manual for our clients’ attention!

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