PP fitting mold with collapsible cores


Focare Mould, China mold maker, offer you PP fittings mold collapsible cores, PVC drainage pipe fttings, PVC pipe mold, pvc u bend side core constructions mold design, collapsible molds, plastic pipe connectors, guarantee you quality & delivery!

The key for such collapsible molds, should be the collapsible core demoulding system. And it consists of 8 small sliders, as we all know these 8 sliders will merge first, and then pump out together through the cylinder! But actually these sliders is not possible to pump out at one time completely, they must have a sequence! Pls check the below picture, the 4 green sliders will be firstly move due to the guide slot’s angle 68°, which is smaller than the 4 red ones 78° of the guide slot. It will move to leave some space for the 4 red ones move later! Also we’ll have a limit switch to control the sliding stroke of 8 sliders!


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molde tubos y accesorios pvc irrigation

China fábrica de moldes de tubería de suministro de experiencia moldes de montaje para el riego, un conducto de PVC, cableado, calefacción, frío y agua caliente.
Ofrecer moldes de PVC, encajando molde de drenaje PVC; molde de CPVC para accesorios de alta presión y el suministro de agua. Especializada en desenroscar el desmoldeo de eyección, sistema central plegable.

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PVC bend mold China supply

China PVC molds
China PVC molds
elbow mold PVC
elbow mold PVC

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  • Maximum wear plates add on places worn easily,
  • guarantee easy maintenance, also prolong PVC molds’ life time.
  • Branded spare parts import from Japan/ Taiwan,
  • e.g. Jufan cylinder from Taiwan

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