foldable safety helmet mold


Focare Mould, China precision mold maker offer plastic helmet foldable design, two color safety cap injection mold, folding hard het mold, folded plastic bump caps mould!

Now more and more foldable things, and it seems getting more crazy! Today let me introduce you a foldable plastic helmet!

The folded height is only 45mm, which is almost 1/5 of that when unfolded! It uses a clip and can be easily installed by pushing it from the sides to the middle with your hands!

We Focare aim to offer you the durable mold with quality and delivery, from high performance automation systems to custom plastic parts and multi-material integrated cells, Focare provides flexible solutions!

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hairdryer mold maker China


Focare Mould, China household appliance mold maker, offer hair dryer mold, plastic air blower, blower injection mold dryer mould, electrical appliance mold electronic households with quality and delivery !

As we know for such hairdryers, the matching of front tube & back tube is the key! Since it will directly influence the end using of customers’ touching feeling! This is also the basis for judging whether a good product or not! But still it is not easy to control! Not only need the good mold construction design, also the machining should be very accuracy! In additionally, the molding parameters setting will also have an impact!

If you’re still looking for the good appliance mold maker in China, pls come to Focare! I believe that our dedication and professionalism will convince you that we can be your another good choice!


Taizhou mold industry

How to choose the right mold maker in Taizhou?

Especially Huangyan, there are over 2000 mold companies that have registered officially. Also plenty of fake companies, for example only have the company name, when customer visit they will take you to another factory, etc. Many ridiculous things have happened and I’m sure will continue happening, since still most worldwide clients not quite familiar with Huangyan this mold town.

Main problem is, most mold makers in Huangyan cheating in steel, especially for big mold, while quite competitive with each other. Customer should ensure what would he pays!

Anyway, if you pay more attention on molds durable and easy maintenance, hope we can co-work with your company as well as friendship.

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Standard mold base custom


Mold maker from Taizhou China, quality manufacture plastic injection molds durable functioning and easy maintenance.

See above are some pictures of mold base, all of our molds we do the standard, to ensure complete molds’ accuracy, at the same time, greatly shorten mold delivery time.

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Huangyan mold company

Huangyan is famous as the other mold town in China, except Guangdong famous for its high precision molds. Clients familiar with Huangyan, know that there are many mold companies here, and companies compete with each other hardly of mold cost.

For our side, we do not want to join with them only focus on cost, we prefer much more on mold durable and easy maintenance for future long time manufacturing, so we pay more attention on making good quality molds, among which, 2 color molds, thin wall mold, cap mold is our featured. And being top rank here.

If you’re still looking for the good mold company here especially in Huangyan, feel free to contact with me. And you will see our knowledge, communication and services.