IML food tub mold

thin wall injection molding

Focare Mould, China IML mold maker, quality offer IML yogurt tub mold, in mold labeling food container mold, disposable ice cream box mold, thin walled butter pot high speed mould!

There are many technical and commercial advantages of IML over using stick-on labels or conventional printing methods. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Visually appealing plastic parts
  • Greater flexibility in part designs over conventionally printed products
  • Environmentally friendly packaging – single plastic material to be recycled
  • Space efficiency in non-round over round packaging
  • Single process of injection molding and decorating – elimination of secondary processes and staged inventory requirements
  • Volume appropriate production runs – elimination of set-up scrap in printing

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rectangular plastic pails injection mold

China square paint bucket mold

Focare Mould, China bucket mold maker, quality offer plastic pails and bucket mold, rectangular mold plastic bucket, square painting containers, plastic barrel for paint, IML bucket!

Focare has a long history of building high volume molds for containers and lids. We have added new equipment that enables us to make components of pail molds in house in the range of 5 gallon and 20 liters sizes.

Fully integrated systems as a complete IML molding solutions are also available at Focare, making us the Turnkey provider of IML Molds and automation based in China.

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rectangular paint pails mold

rectangular bucket paint mold rectangular paint pails moldFocare Mould, China mold maker, quality offer rectangular paint pail mold, rectangular painting containers mould, rectanguler bucket, plastic paint pot injection mold!

There are 3 elements that attract our guests to work with we Focare: the order and cleanliness we maintain in our manufacturing plant, the integrity of the company as well as the diversity of customers that we deal with and finally, the human qualities of our team.

At the same time, we are often recommended by our customers because of the quality of our molds and the professionalism of our technical, accounting and engineering staff.

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20liter bucket durable mold design

Focare Mould, China bucket mold maker, quality offer 20liter bucket fast molding, rectangular bucket injection mold, plastic pail containers, container painting design, oil packaging bucket mould supply.


20liter bucket mold with durable and adjustable mold structure which significantly prolong mold life and shorten cycle time!

We are insisting in hexagon mold shoulder to ensure mold thickness uniform,

equipped with wear plates which sharply increase mold stability and mold life!

Besides, 2 ejection ways to enable bucket freely released from mold for auto-production !

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IML cups mold China maker

China IML mold water bottlesIML coffee cup mold

In-mold labeling is a cost effective solution for the decoration of plastic containers. It removes the need for post-mold labeling and requiring less manufacturing floor space.

In-mold labels work well in injection mold applications, providing the ultimate “no-label” look on the part shapes. These labels provide superior graphic reproduction, with a high degree of product security because of the lack of delamination. IML film labels are regrindable and recyclable, increasingly important in today’s state of environmental consciousness.

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