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durable bucket mold fast delivery

20L bucket mould China
bucket mold
high speed bucket mold
bucket mold

Bucket name: 20L bucket

Bucket size: 319*317*387mm

Bucket weight: 788g

Plastic material: HDPE

Mold name: 20L bucket mold

Mold size: 665*665*649mm

Mold weight: 2131kg

Mold injection: 1-tip hot runner

Cavity/ core: 718H with hardness HRC30-32

Mold delivery: 55days

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We insist on steel quality and mold construction design, believe these two factors are the main points to achieve mold with excellent performance.

Pls visit below link, to see some pictures, to show you how do we insist on mold construction. To see is to believe!

pail bucket mold design 



How to choose the right steel for thin wall molds



How to choose the right steel, especially for thin wall molds?

Among which, core and cavity steel is the key.

For thin wall molds, especially under high speed high pressure injecting,
steel hardness must be HRC42 above, thus mold can guaranteed its lifetime.
NAK-80 or 718H, only with HRC30 above. No need to consider.
Even H13 is the basic steel for thin wall molds.

In additionally, raw material is clear transparent PP, it requires steel polishing property.

Above all, suggest S136 with HRC43-45.

If your budget limit, then suggest H13 with HRC43-45. 

For more detail technicals, feel free to contact with me.

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