plastic edible tearing closure mold

edible closure mold

Focare Mould, China closure mold maker, quality offer edible plastic caps closures, two pieces closure mold for seed oils, tamper evident closure mould, edible oil bottle cap mold!

Focare partners with customers to develop and bring new plastic parts to market using dedicated and focused prototyping expertise.

Guidance through expertise and collaboration on the prototyping process:

  • Produce prototype sample parts that serve as a basis for future production molding
  • Engineer alternative part designs to confirm part functionality and aesthetics
  • Validate technical and commercial aspects of future production molding processes

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carbonated soft drinks cap mold

carbonated soft drinks cap mold

Focare Mould, China cap mold maker, quality offer carbonated soft drinks cap mold, sparkling water closure mold, pet bottle mold carbonation caps, soda bottle plastic caps mold!

Carbonated soft drinks molds of a whole new generation have been launched by Focare. Some of the advantages of these molds are:

  • Less complex mold (fewer parts and controls)
  • Smaller (better machine compatibility)
  • Faster (more productive)
  • More durable (less maintenanc

Carbonated soft drinks molds that have been built by Focare are producing over billions parts per year in the global industry today.

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edible oil bottle cap mold


Focare Mould, China top precision mold maker, quality offer edible oil cap mold, plastic CTC bottle closure mold, single piece edible closure mold, PET bottle oil cap injection mold !

With a specialisation in closure moulds with collapsing cores, in-mold closing, and co injection molding, we Focare can reel off a list of industry firsts in which it was involved.

Making molds run faster and focusing cooling are just two areas that Focare are innovating in order to improve the manufacturing process.

We focus more on the mold design and are good collaborators. It’s never just about a mold, even if we are a mold maker. we offered not just the mold, but full Turnkey systems in addition to part design!