plastic paint barrel mold

China mold IML bucket

Focare Mould, China bucket mold maker, quality offer plastic paint pot mold, Turnkey IML painting containers system, automation pail bucket molding, paint pails in mold labeling!

Specialized cooling technologies that can be used to increase the productivity of our bucket molds:

  • Optimized cooling channels following 3D part geometry based on heat transfer simulation
  • Steel alloys that have high rates of thermal transfer
  • Use of copper alloy inserts at key positions where feasible

Also we Focare is able to provide you the Turnkey IML pails molding systems:

  • Design of plastic part and label
  • Qualified mold & sampling
  • Pilot cell run
  • IML automation with running labels
  • On site system integration of mold and automation in production machine

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rectangular paint pails mold

rectangular bucket paint mold rectangular paint pails moldFocare Mould, China mold maker, quality offer rectangular paint pail mold, rectangular painting containers mould, rectanguler bucket, plastic paint pot injection mold!

There are 3 elements that attract our guests to work with we Focare: the order and cleanliness we maintain in our manufacturing plant, the integrity of the company as well as the diversity of customers that we deal with and finally, the human qualities of our team.

At the same time, we are often recommended by our customers because of the quality of our molds and the professionalism of our technical, accounting and engineering staff.

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20liter bucket durable mold design

Focare Mould, China bucket mold maker, quality offer 20liter bucket fast molding, rectangular bucket injection mold, plastic pail containers, container painting design, oil packaging bucket mould supply.


20liter bucket mold with durable and adjustable mold structure which significantly prolong mold life and shorten cycle time!

We are insisting in hexagon mold shoulder to ensure mold thickness uniform,

equipped with wear plates which sharply increase mold stability and mold life!

Besides, 2 ejection ways to enable bucket freely released from mold for auto-production !

If you’re still looking for the good mold maker in China, then we can be your another good choice.


pail containers mold



Pail name: 20L pail containers

Pail size: 319*317*387mm

Pail weight: 788g

Plastic material: HDPE

Mold name: 20L pail mold

Mold size: 665*665*649mm

Mold weight: 2131kg

Mold injection: 1-tip hot runner

Cavity/ core: 718H with hardness HRC30-32

Mold delivery: 55days

China bucket mold maker, Focare Mould quality offer pail containers mold, IML painting bucket mold fast speed moulding, bucket paint mold. Unique paint pail injection mold construction design ensure you the quality!

Pls visit below link to see how we insist mold construction, thus to believe what we can do for your bucket injection molding!

plastic bucket mold design

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