bi material kitchen scoop mold

multi shot folded drainer mold

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Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding:

  • Capable of high production rates
  • Simple to complicated parts can be created
  • Large material selection
  • High precision tolerances can be maintained
  • Low labor costs
  • Minimal scrap loss

Injection molding is commonly used for making high-volume custom plastic parts. However, at our facility we are able to do both short run and high-volume production.

Injection molding is a great process for finished production on a massive scale, but it’s also useful for prototypes that are used in initial product design or for customer product testing. We Focare work with its customers to make sure the technology, materials, and production processes are right for each individual job.

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multi shot foldable food transfer scraper mold


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It’s important to understand that the quality of the end product of injection molding – the plastic part – is a product of three major things: the plastics used in the injection process, the injection machines themselves, and the tool that casts the injected plastic into the final part. While all play a critical role, many of the issues that can arise from the project can be traced back to the molding tool. What it should takes to build the best plastic injection molding tool?

  • reviewing the product
  • designing the molding tool
  • the tooling process

Here at Focare, we pride ourselves on comprehensive mold making from assisting in prototype development, tooling design, tool construction and testing, parts production, and parts maintenance.

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