2k handlebar rubber grip mold

two color handle grip mold

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Every business needs to prototype and test their products before they go to market, the sooner you can make physical copies of your product, the better. Then working with an injection molding company like we Focare could be your best choice! As we can take your CAD designs and foresee production issues. From issues in injection molding to assembly, we will get you a more grounded prototype.

Once finished the prototypes, short-run production can also help you get to market, especially if you want to test the waters first. With the right designed mold, you can scale up parts production to meet demands, allowing more flexibility when it comes to meeting orders.

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two shot mold tote bins handle grip 

storage bins two color clip moldbi material clip for storage totes Focare Mould, China top double injection mold maker, quality offer storage crate dual color clip lock mold, bicolors closing clip, two color handles mold, rotary mold tote bin hand grip!

Cross-functional teams of designers and toolmakers work in collaboration to build bi material tools that are capable of producing production-ready parts the first time. We are highly regarded for developing complex bi material tools that require a high level of industry expertise from conception.

We inspect and ensure all off-shore molds are completely up to customer standards before shipment.

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