two color electric dental brush mold



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Today’s injection molding and mold technology has evolved to become more technical and highly automated. For some projects, that means the role of the mold manufacturer is extended into that of a Systems Integrator with increased project management scope.

Key considerations for any multi shot system are the cooling and speed for fast and accurate multi colors injection!

We Focare will offer the below for your project management:

  • Part design
  • Prototype cell
  • Operator training
  • Multi injection mold
  • Multi injection machine
  • IML robot

Anyway, if you’re still looking for a good multi component mold maker in China, then I’m sure we can be your another good choice!


3 colors power toothbrush mold


Focare Mould, China top multi component mold maker, quality offer 3 colors power toothbrush mold, 3 shot spinbrush design, motor toothbrush 3k molding, multi shot electric brush!

If any part of the mold is damaged due to an operation mistake or any other accident, customer need to order it. Different from the other molds in which each cavity or core is different so that adjustments are needed for each spare, we ensure that the mold will be work perfectly when the part arrives!

We Focare’s capability and the willingness to take risks have always provided our customers with assurance that has, in turn, helped customer confidently take on challenges at their end.

If you’re still looking for the good multi injection mold maker in China, I’m sure we can be your another good choice!