fruit juicer mold


Quality offer household appliance mold, home application mold, personal care molds.

For such household appliances, the key is matching problem of each plastic part,

should be perfect thus to get final quality products.

In additionally, it requires mold design should completely considering easy maintenance manufacturing for long time.

Check following juicer mold design for example, to see and to believe what we can do for you!


kitchenware juicer mold

China juicer mold
China juicer mold

Offer juicer mold, manual juicer mold, fruit press mold

To make mold durable and easy maintenance, is what we always insist. Insist on mold drawing & structure, save time doing mold modification. As we know short time modify on the design, but takes long for re-machining.

Develop on quality, win win on honesty, is what we keep in mind and believe. We’re sincere to invite your down visiting, promise the best household molds offer to you.