cristal design salad bowl suit


Focare Mould, China precision mold maker, quality offer cristal design salad bowl suit, salad mixing bowls diamond mould, plastic bowl salad injection mold, crystal kitchenwares supply!

Once the early part concept has been approved, our Genesis design and engineering team perform further analysis to ensure manufacturing feasibility of the design in the optimal mold configuration.

Mold filling analysis determines numerous mold design parameters including the optimal number and position of gates, gas trap venting and processing issues like injection speed and pressure, filling patterns, cooling patterns and weld line placement.

Identifying problems during early design feasibility saves expensive rework at the prototype testing stage and can generate significant cycle time and resin savings.

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pitcher jug suit in Cristal design


Focare Mould, China precision mold maker, quality offer pitcher jug suit in cristal mold design, diamond watering jug mould, plastic water tumbler injection mold, crystal tablewares supply!

In keeping with our goal of maximizing customer productivity, Focare provides support in 2 forms:

1. Field Service at customers’ factory
    including all the installation & adjustment till the molds is successfully running and with good quality output parts, etc.   

2. Technical Training at we Focare’s factory
we’ll teach you what should be paid attention to each customed mold while do the mold assembling and dis-assembling, also how to get the right machine parameters setting, etc.

Formalized service and training programs at our factory in Taizhou as well as on site at customer locations are tailored to each customer’s needs.

We here invite your first order to see our quality, also to see what we can do for you!


China bi colors o'ring mold pipe

Two color mold rubber O-ring seals


Mold name: bi color orings

Plastic material: PP+TPE

Product dimension: dia.86 * 9.9mm

Product weight: first color 2.13g, second color 4.5g

Mold cavity: 4+4

Mold steel: core /cavity S136 with hardness HRC45-48

Mold injection: 8 tips YUDO point gate

Mold dimension: 670*440*407mm

Taizhou specialist two color molds maker, Focare Mould Co.,Ltd. quality offer bi color mold for TPE rubber Orings and seals, sealing washer, TPE sealed rings mold multi shot injection!

We insist believe that mold construction design and steel quality are the key to achieve mold with excellent performance! That’s why we pay our great attention on the mold construction, and under our in-depth study and experiences gained from previous two color projects, finally we have our own unique mold structure design especially for two colors molds making!

Feel free to contact me if you have any new two shot molds inquiry, I’d love to share you the details mold structure! To see is to believe!


China two color salad serving bowl

rattan bowl mold double colored

China rotational mold multi color plastic kitchenwaresChina double color component mould factory rattan tablewares

Innovation is key for the future of mold making companies,

no matter plastic part design also mold structure design.

For example multi colored parts, nowadays still not so widespread in many countries, but sure will be the trend! Trend to open a new colored market to catch people’ eyes. Mold maker should have good taste of modern design, to share customer good ideas to win the market.

Anyway, if you interest in double color/ multi component mold project, plan to start new, or any suggestion, feel free to contact me. Rich experience in two color mold making, I’d love to share what I know.


Custom crate molds


Quality offer bottle crate mold, seedling crate mold, beer crate mold,

vegetable crate mold, fruit crate mold, collapsible crate mold, milk crate mold, etc.

– Good mold design is the key. Innovation and humanized design to have crate mold easy maintenance;

Perfect cooling to achieve high speed crate molding; Filter system used for recycle material to molded disposable crates.

– Quality and real mold steel choose, under the correct hardness heating treatment.

– High speed CNC machining to achieve 0.02mm precision.

– Under quality control we promise the best crate molds offer to you!