high speed 20LTR pail bucket mold design

china bucket mold high speed molding
high speed bucket mold design

20LTR pail mold design

As you can see above picture of cooling system, as much as possible water channels added, to reach excellent performance of cooling.

high speed bucket mold supply
high speed bucket mold design

Unique hexagon design, to prevent core shift – unbalance injecting after long time pail injection moulding.

high speed bucket mold design
high speed bucket mold design

Again, excellent performance of cooling.

In additionally, we make standard mold base for all of our molds,

it can be any international standard like DME or HASCO!

Also all surface easy to be worn will be protected by wear plate with hardness HRC45 above.

So our mold’s life will be very long, easy to maintain.

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How to choose the right steel for thin wall molds



How to choose the right steel, especially for thin wall molds?

Among which, core and cavity steel is the key.

For thin wall molds, especially under high speed high pressure injecting,
steel hardness must be HRC42 above, thus mold can guaranteed its lifetime.
NAK-80 or 718H, only with HRC30 above. No need to consider.
Even H13 is the basic steel for thin wall molds.

In additionally, raw material is clear transparent PP, it requires steel polishing property.

Above all, suggest S136 with HRC43-45.

If your budget limit, then suggest H13 with HRC43-45. 

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