plastic cutlery in mold close

plastic cutlery in mold close

Focare Mould, China precision mold maker, quality offer plastic cutlery in mold close system, folded cutlery injection mold, spoon n fork stack mold hamburger injection moulding!

For cutlery molds, normally will be multi cavities, and we Focare technologies including stack molds, as well as in mold closing system can reach your high output requirement.

Parts can be molded with a living hinge at the middle of the handle, and it will be folded in the mold and locks the parts in the folded position before part ejection!

In mold close for plastic cutlery enables packing of the spoon n fork into a much smaller space! And most of Focare’s cutlery molds have been built in 2×32 and 2×48 constructions.

If you’re still looking for the good stack mold maker in China, then we can be your another good choice!


disposable spoon stack mold

China spoon stacking mold maker

China spoon stack mold

Product name: disposable spoon stack mold

Material: PS

Product dimension: 33.6 X 165.7 X 16mm

Product weight: 2grams

Steel: core / cavity S136 China with hardness HRC45-48

Cavity number: 25+25cav

Gate: 2 tips valve gate

Mold dimension: 580 X 770 X 605mm

Mold weight: 1113kg

Machine: Haitian 300T single color machine

Focare Mould, being China top two color mold maker, not only able to offer the quality 2K molds, also able to offer the high-tech molds for example stacking mold for disposable tableware & cubemold solution! By this way, to greatly increase the product output double or even quadruple!

Pls feel free to contact if you’re still looking the good high-tech mold maker in China.