multi shot tumbler mold

water tumbler two color

Focare Mould, China top multi shot mold maker, quality offer plastic two color cup injection mold, plastic mug injection mold 2k, double mold tumbler, multi shot cup mold rotary!

As a leader in Taizhou in supplying multi shot molds and systems, we have made significant investments in people, machines, tool technology and systems, to enhance support to our customers, while retaining the resources to drive developments for innovative multi component molding solutions.

We Focare has had the privilege to work with top injection machine suppliers from the industry, to successful run the multi shot systems worldwide, for example FCS, HAITIAN, BOLE, YIZUMI, HWAMDA, BORCHE, etc.

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insulated plastic mugs two color mold design

Focare Mould is a global provider of sophisticated integrated plastic tooling solutions for the multi shot injection molding. From product and mold design to complete systems integration, Focare Mould develops multi shot molds, which provides the most effective and efficient production solutions. We Focare differentiates itself by delivering higher productivity to the caps, closures, technical and medical markets.


Above is our technical innovation in multi shot molding, to have the insulated plastic mugs in two color design!

No need to do the ultrasonic in secondary process, just by one step molding with 2k / 3k injection machine!

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double walled facial cream cup 2 color

2k cream cup twin wallFocare Mould, China top multi component mold maker, offer quality double walled cream cup mold, double bottom facial cream cup 2 color, twin-wall face cream cup 2k design, double injection plastic cups twofold wall!

Support from Focare’s engineering team and their ability to help design the plastic cream cup with double walled in 2k or 3k by one step molding! No need to do the ultrasonic by secondary steps!

From my personal opinion, it will be greatly helpful for the cosmetic market!

Because of the PC material, the quality of the complete cream cup will be much higher than ordinary PP material! In additionally, the hollow and multi-color design makes the cup more high-end!

Maybe someone will comment why not make it so complex to be hollow design, just make the bottom solid!

But dear, if the cup bottom is very thin, it means you will have to put much more cream into the cup in big volume, then your return on investment will be too low! Or just few into the cup in mini volume, which will make the customers feel that you’re so stingy!

And if the cup bottom is very thick, then the molding cycle will be toooo long!

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2k mold hand shears


Focare Mould, China top double mold maker, quality offer multi shot tailor scissors, bi color hand shears, plastic scissors double coloured injection, multi component stationery scissors!

Multi shot molding is a technology that rapidly growing. It is replacing the traditionally ways by two-step systems, eliminating a secondary process to add logos, graphics or text.

The benefits by multi shot molding:

  • can produce much more complex parts
  • can produce multi coloured or multi component parts in one molding process,
    greatly save time and cost, also the defective rate will be much more reduced while compared with the traditional!
  • parts with movable segments or components using “in mold assembly”
  • allows the first material to cool down before the second one is injected

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mold construction design for rotary platen multi shot molding

In the past, a multi materials part was done by using additional secondary services or more complex assemblies. However, today’s multi materials injection molding largely eliminates these additional requirements, making it much more easier to manufacture complex finished parts, faster and cheaper.

According to moving different molded parts can be divided into:

1.      Rotary platen multi shot molding

2.      Rotary shaft multi shot molding

3.      Core toggle multi shot molding

Rotary Platen Multi Shot Molding

The mold core plate contains two identical cores that are mirrored on the centerline of the platen and coincide with the axis of rotation. The cavity plate connected to the fixed platen contains two cavities with different geometries. In each cycle, the rotary platen completes the switching of the molded parts, and eliminates the need for manual switching.

Check below video for better understanding!

Here we only show the two materials mold, which can actually accommodate more materials. The rotary platen can be rotated by 90°, 120° or 180° depending on the amount of material used. Also it will need a special injection machine to provide the required rotation on the core side.

And on my next blogs, I’ll share you my understanding of mold construction design for Rotary shaft multi shot molding & Core toggle multi shot molding!

Hope it will help you for your multi materials molding !