IMC two color flip top

two color snap closure

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Mold development of the IMC technology includes the incorporation of multiple, separate motions of the closing arms, while optimizing the control of the closing force, particularly for multi cavities molds. Evolutionary designs have enabled Focare to reduce the footprint of the mold making design of the closing arms, making it more compact and allowing higher cavitation in any given press size. This also minimizes the stroke distance required for closing, thus maintaining the fastest possible cycle times to ensure not only high quality but reduced cost to manufacture.

The closing device capability has been enhanced to provide precise guidance for special flip top applications with narrow hinges or unusual part shapes.

Focare has developed the IMC technology for applications beyond caps and closures, such as disposable cutlery with folding handles that lock into place for use, to reduce the size and be able to accommodate smaller packaging.

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two color fish lures design

two color fish lures design

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As a global leader in supplying molds and systems, we have made significant investments in people, machine tool technology and systems to enhance support to our customers while driving developments for innovative multi material injection molding solutions.

As a recognized innovator in the design and manufacture of multi injection molds, Focare has experienced significant growth in Latin America and looks forward to serving more companies in this region.


two color dishware mold

double dinner plate mold injection

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Focare Mould, with decades of mold building innovation, is a leading source of high productivity tooling solutions for the multi component injection molding industry.

We supply a wide range of multi shot injection molds and automation used to produce plastic parts in applications such as medical, kitchenwares, and caps, closures packaging; as well as complete system integrations for muti shot molding.

We have dedicated R&D, testing and part sampling facilities, in addition to plastic part design, prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities.

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double deck injection mold 2k


co injection stack mold China supply

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Thanks to the previous failure experience, now we’re very familiar with the production of stack molds.

And stack mold technology allows for the creation of the right plastics solution, using it in combination with any other applicable technologies that are part of Focare’s offerings:

Two color stack molds to increase productivity of each injection molding machine
Two color stack mold designs have evolved to successfully fill the needs of a wide variety of injection molding plastic applications. As the need for high production volumes are climbing, there may never have been a better time to review the present-day features and capabilities of stack mold technology.

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mold construction design for core toggle multi shot molding

We have discussed the rotary table multi shot mold and rotary shaft multi shot mold before, so today we will talk about the two-color injection of the core toggle mold!

The core toggle multi shot molding process is the easiest, because the core and cavity of the mold do not need to be moved. Conversely, changing the geometry of the mold cavity by moving the slider. Check below pictures:

double injection core toggle mold design

First inject material A into the cavity, at the same time the slider is in the fully extended position!

core toggle multi shot moulding design

Then retracting the slider to reveal a new portion of the cavity!

After that, material B is injected into the reconfigured cavity through a separate gate (above the middle nozzle), the remaining gap is filled by moving the slider!

Then the plastic part hardens and ejected from the mold. Sequentially circulated as the above to continue the molding!

Adding a slider to the mold adds the cost of the tool, but it still can be much more cheaper than rotating platen or rotary shaft mold. Unfortunately, it can not produce the complex multi colored plastic parts.

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