2 colour clothes rack mold

Focare Mould, China top rank 2 colour mold maker, offer you quality 2k coat hanger mold, plastic hangers bi injection, two component clothes rack mold, PP & TPE drying rack double mold!

Hanger body: 

Product dimension: width 44mm * height 17mm

Product weight: 75g

Mold cavity: 2+2cav

Gate: 8 tips hot runner point gate


Hanger head: 

Product weight: 11g

Mold cavity: 8+8cav

Gate: 10 tips hot runner point gate

Plastic material: PP+TPE

Steel: core/ cavity 718H with hardness HRC30-33

Machine: FCS 280T table rotary machine 

Compared with the single-color hanger, the two-color hanger has TPE on the shoulder, which increases the friction with the clothes, so it can prevent the coat from slipping when hanging! At the same time, because of the softness of TPE, the coat will not be deformed by the rigid PP shoulder while drying!

2 color products are becoming more and more popular now, because they are much more better than the single color parts and make up for its shortages! Also it has the better out-looking !

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plastic noodle bowl two color


Focare Mould, China top two color mold maker, quality offer 2K noodle bowl, dual colour soup bowl, 2 component crisper mold, TPE fresh keeping box rotary mould, bowl plastic double color, noodle bowl injection mold 2k.

We Focare guided by our Taiwan boss, who dedicated his entire life in the plastic molding industry! Focare was set up in 2012, being his second factory located in China mainland, while the first one is in Tainan Taiwan! Our boss had worked in the FCS machine factory for 6 years, which also laid the foundation for our relationship with FCS factory! It is precisely because of this that almost all the exhibitions we have cooperated with FCS to show the two-color molds! And next time we will be exhibiting a two-color folding drain basket mold with FCS at the PLASTIVISION Mumbai India in January 2020!

Perhaps because of the strict requirements of Taiwanese for quality control, our boss is extremely strict with our mold quality! From product design, mold design, steel machining, mold assembly until the inspection before final shipment!

So here we promise to offer you the Taiwan quality mold but with Chinese cost, i.e. the most reasonable cost!

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2k dispensing caps snaptop

bicolor bottle shampoo cap

Focare Mould, China top 2k mold maker, quality offer two color dispensing caps snaptop, shampoo bottles flip top in 2 colour mold design, 2k injection mold flip caps, snap top closures in mold close, unscrewing demoulding flip top caps.

  • Do you prefer to have a top quality flip top cap mold durable manufacturing & simply maintenance?
  • What should be paid attention during the flip cap two color mold design?
  • How to achieve the hinged part flexible, and the two colors not over flow at the same time??
  • Which material should be used for the in mold close structure? To have it smooth function, fast speed, light weight but also strong strength!
  • How to achieve the fast cycle time for the shampoo caps molding??

If you have any doubts of above questions, if you’re still looking for the good auto close in mold snap caps mold maker in China, pls do not hesitate to contact with me!

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2k lens tail lamp mold

two color automobile lamp mold2k spot lamp mold rotary

Focare Mould, China top 2 color mold maker, quality offer 2k spot lamp mold, two color automotive lighting, dual colour lens tail lamp injection mold, lens lamp in 2 color mold design!

Because of the lens tail lamps’ raw material is PMMA, and mostly is two color transparent, which need to have a light distribution requirement and reflective pattern!

two color lens tail lamp

So what are the main points to achieve a good 2k lens mold??

  1. fixation of the first color molded part
  2. whether the second color injecting over flow?
  3. is the combination of the two colors firm?
  4. air venting problem
  5. the ejection while the raw material not full filled the part
  6. the two mold cores should be exactly the same
  7. the mold cavity should leave enough space to help sealing the final part while second color injecting!
  8. the steel at least should be NAK80 with hardness HRC37-43

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2k gas mask mold

2K TPE nebulizer mask

Focare Mould, China top 2 component mold maker, quality offer 2k  breathing apparatus, two shot oxygen mask mold, TPE nebulizer mask, face mask in 2 color mold design, dual colour gas mask injection mould.

Mold name: adult gas mask

Raw material: PP+TPE

Product dimension: 104 X 81 X 111mm

Product weight: 8+5.9grams

Cavity no.: 1+1cav

Steel: core/ cavity DIN1.2316 with hardness HRC45-48

Gate: 2 tips hot runner valve gate

Cycle time: 35s

Mold dimension: 590*450*541mm

Mold weight: 794kg

Injection machine: FB160R FCS table rotary machine

Delivery: T1 in 60 days after mold design confirmed

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2k gas mask moldtwo color gas mask mold