two color slotted spoon design


Focare Mould, China top 2k mold maker, quality offer plastic houseware, kitchenwares in two color molding designs, supply 2k slotted spoon mold, 2 component slotted spatula, plastic double mold slotted ladle with fast delivery!

Why to choose we Focare as your two color mold supplier:

To choose the right location to sealing the two different glues (hard glue once and soft glue twice, or transparent once and opaque twice) is the basic to achieve an excellent performance 2K mold! And it will be directly influenced by the product design, so a good 2k mold maker should have rich knowledge of both the product design and mold design for two colour molds.

  • precision & high speed machining
  • experienced employees for the double mold assembling

All our employees had been strictly selected and invited from GuangDong province. As we all know, GuangDong is another mold town of China, and it is famous of making precision molds, which the cost is also very higher than Taizhou!

  • well know about the two color moldings

The plastics with high forming temperature are made once and with low forming temperature are made twice. Anyway, if you’re new in 2 component molding, we’re highly welcome to your down visiting to check and learn how we do ! Also once the double colour mold & machine reach your factory, we’re able to fly to your side, to help do the adjusting and training your workers.

Since multi k mold is more and more popular, and surely it will be the trend in future, so better to catch and start it ASAP!

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2K mold plastic strainers foldable

foldable strainers two color mold China

Focare Mould, China top 2K mold maker, quality offer plastic strainers in two color molding designs, bicolor drainers foldable, double colour injection mold vegetable colander, fold-away strainer colander rotary mold!

Focare Mould is located in Taizhou Huangyan mold town, there are thousands of mold makers in Huangyan, each has its advantage to survive.

So what’s the advantage of we Focare??

  • Engineering sales team: A good sales should not only being a translator between the customer and factory technical department. We sales are able to give professional advice and good communication to fully meet customers two color moulding needs and requirements!
  • Top quality control system: To have the good quality mold, not means should equip with expensive tooling machine, nor lots of inspection equipment! Start from the design procedure till the mold making, we all pay attention to the more details, to avoid some stupid mistakes happen!
  • Good cost control system: As we know all customers prefer to have the good quality molds with good price! So we Focare is aim to offer customers excellent performance 2K mold without any cost wasted !!

Anyway, if you’re still looking for the good two color mold maker in China, then I’m sure we can be your good choice!

Highly welcome your down visiting, to check our works, to see how we do our molds, thus to believe what we can do for you!!!