multi shot storage tub with latching handles


Focare Mould, China top multi component mold maker, quality offer twin color plastic containers mold, 2k storage tub with latching handles, dual injection clip box, bi shot totebox mold!

We Focare is able to offer low-volume molding services. Our low-volume molding, also called short runs, are monitored and controlled so you can be assured of all aspects of mold design and build.


  • Reduce cost with no minimum orders, less expensive tooling
  • Provide rapid access to emerging markets
  • Allow for faster design changes and more design flexibility
  • Shorten production lead times
  • Provides a bridge between initial prototypes and high-volume production

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two shot refrigerator fresh box sealed lid mold

pp and tpe fresh saved box cover

Focare Mould, China top twin material mold maker, quality offer dual component sealed container mold, bi shot refrigerator fresh box mold, multiple colour plastic containers mould!

The lead time is always an important factor when deciding on a mold supplier, and when waiting on your tool to ship from overseas any delay can make you nervous.

As we control landed area of each facility workshop, and specified number of customers of each facility, which not only allow us to focus and quick respond to customers’ needs, also allows each workshop to pay more attention to the mold custom as customer required.

So we have the capacity to complete your project within your lead times. Project management is coordinated from our professional team, maintaining constant communication, and tool status reports are available to keep you abreast of project completion.

If you’re still looking for the good multi injection mold maker in China, we can be your another good choice!