two color hot air blower design

two color hot air blower

electric air heater double injection

Focare Mould, China top multi material mold maker, quality offer 2k hot air blower, two color heat gun, electric air heater double injection, 2 component hot air gun, multi shot hand tools!

We plan to invest in new machine tools, which will allow us to ensure strong support for our customers’ new product launches. New machines will add productivity throughout the plant allowing us to get work done more efficiently and effectively. We also have made significant building upgrades!

Delivering great customer experiences is what we are focused on at Focare. Our capacity has been substantially increased in the last few years and we are now positioned to grow much more rapidly. We also have the resources available to deliver on large mold multi injection programs while improving our overall lead times!

If you’re still looking for the good two injection mold maker in China, I’m sure we can be your anotht good choice!


two materials hand tools mold

two materials hand tools

Focare Mould, China top bi colors mold maker, offer two material hand tools mold, 2k mold design for spanner handle, double injection screw driver, 2 component bolt-driver, etc.

—    If you want to have your 2k plastic parts to reverse manufacture or forward manufacture, come to Focare, we can help you with our rich experiences, our genius design team will satisfy you very well!

—    If you’re still looking for the good multi shot mold maker in China, come to Focare, our strong mold making team surely will offer you the durable mold with quality!

—    If your current supplier is becoming cost prohibitive, come to Focare, we can help you to find a cost effective molding solution.

We can work out the complete line cost of your 2k project and the cost per piece.

—    If you are selling some plastic parts now, but headache about the low sells amount & low profit, come to Focare, we can help you to develop a better plastic part double colored.

And manufacturing it with the best possible solution supply chain in China!

So no need to worry if you have no two color machine or you have no plan to invest at this moment for the 2k machine because of its high cost!

I’m sure we can be your another good choice!