two color plastic crate mold


Focare Mould, China top double injection mold maker, offer bi injection plastic crate mold, turnover box two color mold design, storage bins injection mould 2k, multi shot circulating box!

Double color 180° turnover box
The newly developed plastic crate is made by one-step two-color injection, it is deeply loved by the circulation industry, due to it has a humanized appeal!
You can quickly identify the flow direction on the production line!

  • 180° rotary
  • Same color and same shape  –  Multi-stage stacking for assembly using
  • Different color and different shape  –  Save space while storing and transporting
  • Two-colors special structure, saving working space and fast rotating circulation
  • Storage safety, efficiency, can remove of blind spots in operation and has a humanized appeal
  • Can be designed according to customer requirements-different colors, shapes, structures and raw materials!

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bi materials mold eye washer


Focare Mould, China top dual injection mold maker, quality offer two color eye washer, eye bath 2 component mold, bi material eye wash, plastic double mold eye syringe, 2k eyewash!

Well as we know, the traditional eye washer is made by completely polypropylene, and because of its material’s specification, we may found it is not so comfortable when using!

To get even more comfortable, now we use PP+TPE raw materials, by two color rotary molding to have the double colored eye wash!

The part that directly contacts the user’s eyes is changed to TPE plastic. And because it has soft elasticity, it not only ensures the user’s comfort using, but also better contacts with the eyes, so that the eye wash liquid is better in a closed inside the container, no leakage!

We Focare, has successfully custom made two color medical molds, for example 2k oxygen mask mold for India & Saudi Arabia customer, 2k guedel airways mold!

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double injection plastic keycap


Focare Mould, China top multi injection mold maker, offer two color keycap, keyboard cap injection mold 2k, two material mould keycaps, bi component keys cap, double mold keycap!

Now two-color molding is more and more used in e-sports products, such as keycaps, mice, headphones and other computer peripheral products! As we all know, young people are more pursuing e-sports products, so two-colored parts can be more attract the attention of them!

And we are already very skilled in the double injection of keycaps!

By 2k injection, the sellers do not need to print the fonts on the single-color keycap, they can directly have the two-colored keycaps parts at one time by 2k mold and turntable injection machine, which avoids the secondary process and saves costs too!

For buyers, it will not affect their feelings of use any more, of the disappear of the printed fonts on the single-color keycaps!

In additionally, the application of ABS +PC two raw materials, makes the keycaps transparent and cool!

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3 component swim goggles frame


Focare Mould, China top multi injection mold maker, offer 3 component goggles frame, plastic goggles multi shot moulding, 3 color swimming goggles mold design, 3k goggles !

Multi shot molding technology enables:

  • Lower overall part cost, as it reducing secondary assembly processes and associated labor cost.
  • Production time can be reduced, as secondary tooling won’t be required, extra labor won’t be utilized.
  • Improved plastic part quality with high dimensional tolerance and accuracy.
  • Reduction or elimination of secondary processes for your logos.
    Your unique product logo can be inserted into the molding operation, which will reduce the need for a second step to keep your brand identity.

The right team can help you meet your multi component part design and development goals.

If you’re ready to work for a multi shot project, pls call +86 183 5761 6586 or email us at ! We Focare can offer you step by step advice on the best materials and technology to use, the best 2k / 3k molding processes to meet your new part demands!


two component folder mold design


Focare MouldChina top dual color mold maker, offer 2 component folder mold, bi color document folder mold designPVC PMMA paper file multi shot2k mold plastic stationery !

Product name: multi shot folder

Raw material: PMMA+PVC

Product dimension: 92 X 222 X 250mm

Product weight: first color PMMA 550g, second color PVC 14g

Steel: core/ cavity 2343 with hardness HRC45-48

Cavity: 1+1cav

Gate: 3 tips valve gate

Machine: Bole 550T turntable machine

We offer you not only the quality double injection mold, but also a fine multi shot molding solution for your 2k project! We offer:

  • 2k plastic part design
  • 2k mold flow analysis
  • 2k mold DFM
  • 2k mold design
  • 2k mold making
  • 2k molding production

We conform your industrial engineering to tooling engineering, project will be managed by experienced engineers, engineering discussion is available!

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two materials hand tools mold

two materials hand tools

Focare Mould, China top bi colors mold maker, offer two material hand tools mold, 2k mold design for spanner handle, double injection screw driver, 2 component bolt-driver, etc.

—    If you want to have your 2k plastic parts to reverse manufacture or forward manufacture, come to Focare, we can help you with our rich experiences, our genius design team will satisfy you very well!

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We can work out the complete line cost of your 2k project and the cost per piece.

—    If you are selling some plastic parts now, but headache about the low sells amount & low profit, come to Focare, we can help you to develop a better plastic part double colored.

And manufacturing it with the best possible solution supply chain in China!

So no need to worry if you have no two color machine or you have no plan to invest at this moment for the 2k machine because of its high cost!

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dual colour adult oxygen respirator mask

china nebulizer mask 2k
2k gas mask mold
two component oxygen masks
2k gas mask mold

Focare Mould, China top multi color mold maker, offer two shot medical oxygen mask mold, nebulizer face mask two color moulding designs, 2k tpe adult aerosol gas mask mould !

Over years experience, we Focare offers customers with intelligent and cost saving mold and multi shot molding solutions to their production need.

We’ll take baby-sitters care for your 2k projects, from product & mold construction design, mold manufacturing, assembly, testing, etc.

We manage very well in contract manufacturing, including the material selection, design checking, engineering discussion, tooling, pilot running, mass production, post operations and quality control.   

We promise to offer you the quality molds with delivery!

Develop on quality, win-win on honesty. We’re sincere to invite your first order, to see what we can do for you!


two color pediatric medical mask mold


Focare Mould, China top bi color mold maker, offer pediatric medical mask two color moulding design, 2 component paediatric oxygen masks, tpe pp pediatric face mask mould !

While compared to traditional PVC masks, now the new materials used — PP + TPE can have much more light weight of the mask, which will be more comfortable for the patients! At the same time, it will greatly reduce the impact on the environment!

  • Soft, incurved nose seal

Eliminates need for separate nose clip and prevents oxygen from entering eyes

two color pediatric medical mask mold

  • Unique construction

Equalises the pressure on the nose and conforms the seal to a wide range of face shapes

  • Flexible panels

Allow mask to expand sideways to accommodate wider faces

two materials pediatric aerosol mask

  • Soft chin seal

For smaller faces the lower seal is positioned under the chin.

tpe pp pediatric gas mask

For larger faces the lower seal is positioned on the chin.

rotary mold pediatric medical mask

  • The flow through the mask is designed to flush exhaled gas and minimise CO2 rebreathing!

two shot pediatric oxygen mask

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