two color clip on lid mold for organizing container

double collection bin lid mold

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two shot mold tote bins handle grip 

storage bins two color clip moldbi material clip for storage totes Focare Mould, China top double injection mold maker, quality offer storage crate dual color clip lock mold, bicolors closing clip, two color handles mold, rotary mold tote bin hand grip!

Cross-functional teams of designers and toolmakers work in collaboration to build bi material tools that are capable of producing production-ready parts the first time. We are highly regarded for developing complex bi material tools that require a high level of industry expertise from conception.

We inspect and ensure all off-shore molds are completely up to customer standards before shipment.

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2 component hand clip mold

finishing box injection mold 2k

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We Focare is a professional double color mold making factory equipped with experienced double color part & mold design and making team. We offer you a fine solution for your bi-color injection molding.

Double color mold designed according to your two-color injection machine, normally will be below 4 types:

Don’t worry if you have no two color machine or do not want to invest the machine at this moment, we Focare also provide the molding services!

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co injection storage bin mold


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We always showed our professionalism and seriousness during the development of the project, and we inspired trust in our working team in each of the stages of the project and all the way to its successful completion.

The fact that we have first class manufacturing facilities, allowed for the bi material project to be done in a safe way for us.

It’s because of all of the above that our customers highly recommend Focare as a supplier of molds and post-sale mold service as we are a company that is serious, responsible, organized, and passionate about customer service and the execution of successful projects.

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mold construction design for core toggle multi shot molding

We have discussed the rotary table multi shot mold and rotary shaft multi shot mold before, so today we will talk about the two-color injection of the core toggle mold!

The core toggle multi shot molding process is the easiest, because the core and cavity of the mold do not need to be moved. Conversely, changing the geometry of the mold cavity by moving the slider. Check below pictures:

double injection core toggle mold design

First inject material A into the cavity, at the same time the slider is in the fully extended position!

core toggle multi shot moulding design

Then retracting the slider to reveal a new portion of the cavity!

After that, material B is injected into the reconfigured cavity through a separate gate (above the middle nozzle), the remaining gap is filled by moving the slider!

Then the plastic part hardens and ejected from the mold. Sequentially circulated as the above to continue the molding!

Adding a slider to the mold adds the cost of the tool, but it still can be much more cheaper than rotating platen or rotary shaft mold. Unfortunately, it can not produce the complex multi colored plastic parts.

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