co injection storage bin mold


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mold construction design for core toggle multi shot molding

We have discussed the rotary table multi shot mold and rotary shaft multi shot mold before, so today we will talk about the two-color injection of the core toggle mold!

The core toggle multi shot molding process is the easiest, because the core and cavity of the mold do not need to be moved. Conversely, changing the geometry of the mold cavity by moving the slider. Check below pictures:

double injection core toggle mold design

First inject material A into the cavity, at the same time the slider is in the fully extended position!

core toggle multi shot moulding design

Then retracting the slider to reveal a new portion of the cavity!

After that, material B is injected into the reconfigured cavity through a separate gate (above the middle nozzle), the remaining gap is filled by moving the slider!

Then the plastic part hardens and ejected from the mold. Sequentially circulated as the above to continue the molding!

Adding a slider to the mold adds the cost of the tool, but it still can be much more cheaper than rotating platen or rotary shaft mold. Unfortunately, it can not produce the complex multi colored plastic parts.

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double injection protective box mold


Focare Mould, China top two materials mold maker, offer 2 component protective box, two color safety box mold design, strong box double injection, plastic protection box 2k !

Multi-material molds are ideal for today’s plastics market, where eye-catching market shelf products molded with two or more colors or materials are a growing tend.

Multi-material molds allow for more than one color or material to be molded on the same plastic part, in the same mold, during the same cycle. Focare’s hot runners can be custom designed to suit specific arrangements of the machine injection units for 2 or more materials. The use of this technology in multi-material parts allows the enhancement of part design features and reduces downstream part assembly costs.

Focare has experience with a range of multi-material formats including rotary turn table and rotary stack mold.

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bi injection storage tray mold


Focare Mould, China top multi color mold maker, quality offer bicolors storage tray mold, plastic trays double mold, two shot collection tray, two color mould design storing tray!

2k molds and bi injection molding have grown significantly now. The advantages of applying 2k molding technology are not only considering to have a better surface looking of the plastic parts, but maybe also to enhance part design features, or simply to add quality to the part or to reduce the cost of the downstream parts assembly.

Two color injection is not specific to one technology. It is driven by product design and can be performed by different mold construction design techniques such as: internal pull-back core / sliders, rotating stripper plate, indexing transfer plate, turntable, and robot transfer from cavity to cavity or mold to mold.

We Focare provides rotary molds, cube molds, shuttle molds and in mold automation to efficiently perform multi-shot processes.

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2k collection box mold


Focare Mould, China top bi injection mold maker, offer plastic lid two color mold design for organize box, bi materials collection bin clip, 2 component plastic wheels for finishing box with quality and delivery!

Storage plays an important role in our daily lives, so the organize box, storage boxes have occupied a lot space in our lives, and they can be seen everywhere! However, for such a long time, they have been a single coloring, which makes people gradually have aesthetic fatigue!

So the producers who catch the business opportunity start to focus on the two-color storage boxes. They try their best to make the boxes more attractive in appearance, for example, 2k lid, bi material top handles, 2 component clips and the wheels in two color mold design!

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