multi shot salad servers spoon n fork mold


Focare Mould, China top multiple color mold maker, quality offer multi shot salad server spoon mold, bi injection mixing spoon mold, rotary mold serving forks, two color plastic cutlery!

Mold Flow Analysis is a computer aided simulation, that can be helpful to identify any critical areas in a part design, by showing how a material will flow and fill based on its properties. Before each mold is officially start producing, we usually conduct mold flow analysis first! Early identification of these critical areas can save valuable time in avoiding costly mistakes, and improving lead times.

Focare has been exceeding customer expectations since our inception with injection mold design and construction!

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multi shot bakery basket mold

China bread basket mold two shotFocare Mould, China top two tone mold maker, quality offer rotary mold bread basket, multi shot serving platters mold, double injection bakers trays, twin shot plastic bakery basket

Performing preventive mold maintenance, before the mold requires repairs, is vital to supporting high volume production.

It is important to evaluate the condition of your tool after a set amount of cycles to formulate a preventive mold maintenance plan. The plastic resin used in the molding process has impact on the wear and tear on the tool, for example a glass filled nylon, will place greater wear on the tool than non-glass filled material.

Together with each mold shipping, we‘ll attach the corresponding mold maintenance and maintenance manual for our clients’ attention!

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two color dishware mold

double dinner plate mold injection

Focare Mould, China top co injection mold maker, quality offer plastic double dishware mold, dinner plate double color, bi colors food dish, plate serving rotary mold!

Focare Mould, with decades of mold building innovation, is a leading source of high productivity tooling solutions for the multi component injection molding industry.

We supply a wide range of multi shot injection molds and automation used to produce plastic parts in applications such as medical, kitchenwares, and caps, closures packaging; as well as complete system integrations for muti shot molding.

We have dedicated R&D, testing and part sampling facilities, in addition to plastic part design, prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities.

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two color salad mixing bowl mold


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Especially for plastic kitchenwares, the product design is the key to win your market, to meet the market demand! We Focare equipped with very strong design ability for the positive engineering and reverse engineering, to take responsible of your two color project in the very first step!

We’re sincere to invite your down visiting to check our works! And I would love to show you the details of our 2K design jobs, to see thus to believe what we can do for you!


two color snack bowl


China two color dinner bowl mold

Mold name: plastic serving bowl two color 

Plastic material: PP

Product dimension: mini size 99.9 X 99.9 X 55mm

medium size 135.2 X 135.2 X 75mm

large size 248.8 X 248.8 X 130mm

Product weight: mini size 21.2g, medium 48.3g, large size 193g

Cavity number: mini size & medium size 2+2cav, large size 1+1cav

Steel: core/cavity 718H with hardness HRC30-33

Gate: 6 tips hot runner point gate

Delivery: T1 in 60 days after mold design confirmed by your side

Focare Mould, China top two color mold maker, quality offer 2K salad plastic bowls, double color injection mold serving bowl, snack bowls rotary mold, bicolor picnic bowl injection molded, bowls salad in two color molding designs.

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