two materials hand tools mold

two materials hand tools

Focare Mould, China top bi colors mold maker, offer two material hand tools mold, 2k mold design for spanner handle, double injection screw driver, 2 component bolt-driver, etc.

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We can work out the complete line cost of your 2k project and the cost per piece.

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And manufacturing it with the best possible solution supply chain in China!

So no need to worry if you have no two color machine or you have no plan to invest at this moment for the 2k machine because of its high cost!

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double injection protective box mold


Focare Mould, China top two materials mold maker, offer 2 component protective box, two color safety box mold design, strong box double injection, plastic protection box 2k !

Multi-material molds are ideal for today’s plastics market, where eye-catching market shelf products molded with two or more colors or materials are a growing tend.

Multi-material molds allow for more than one color or material to be molded on the same plastic part, in the same mold, during the same cycle. Focare’s hot runners can be custom designed to suit specific arrangements of the machine injection units for 2 or more materials. The use of this technology in multi-material parts allows the enhancement of part design features and reduces downstream part assembly costs.

Focare has experience with a range of multi-material formats including rotary turn table and rotary stack mold.

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two color riding helmet mold design

Focare Mould, China top double injection mold maker, offer two color crash helmet mold, plastic double bump caps mold, safety cap injection mold 2k, bicolors hard hat mould!

2k injection mold system integration is implemented through partnerships with industry leaders and best in class equipment suppliers. We Focare integrates machines and automation with our tooling solutions to optimize productivity and lower over all part cost.

The benefits definitely is to have fully equipped test, and will be easier access to machine and automation providers best suited to each application!

Anyway, if you’re still looking for the good multi material mold maker in China, if you plan to set up a 2k molding line but have no any idea of the mold or 2k machine’s quality, pls feel free to contact with us!


two color scissors mold


Focare Mould, China top multi shot mold maker, offer two color scissors mold, kitchen shears double mould, bicolor orchard shears, pet nail clippers injection mold 2k supply!

Injection molded part prototyping services are provided by Focare to achieve high quality and well defined part samples.

As we know, prototypes are used to assist customers and engineers with the visualization of the plastic product, and it will be able to validate the performance parameters of the final mold.

When final prototypes are approved, we are confident the production molds will be efficient, ready for production and will offer a significantly reduced time to launch.

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2 component screw driver handle mold


Focare Mould, China top 2K mold maker, quality offer 2 component mold for screw drivers, two color bolt driver, TPE screwdrive in double colour mold design! Two shot turnscrew, bi colors mould gimlet.

Suggest to go ahead with two color axis rotary machine, while compared to the turntable injection machine. Due to both sides of the screw drivers have PP & TPE pattern! It will be just similar as the 2 component toothbrush molding ! Pls find below the mold testing video of toothbrush for your reference!

If you’re still looking for the good 2K mold maker in China, then I’m sure we can be your another good choice! Start from the product & mold design procedure, we fully consider all the problems that may happen in the future your side manufacturing! Highly welcome your down visiting to check our works!

To see is to believe!


2K safety helmet mold supply


China 2K molds maker, Focare Mould Co.,Ltd. quality offer two color safety helmet mold,  hard hat bi injection, bi color mold safety cap, 2K mould safety hat, double colour bump caps, two shot protecting cap, protective cap in two color molding designs.

Pls feel free to contact for more details of 2K mold design, 2K injection molding, we Focare is ready to offer you the Turnkey two color moulding solution: from product design, mold design, quality mold making, supply the most suitable two color molding machine to meet your 2K molding! Also supply the training services in your factory to help your workers better molded!

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