multi shot lube oil twist cover mold

double injection screw cap lubricant mold

Focare Mould, China top double colour mold maker, quality offer 2 component lube oil twist cap mold, multi injection lubricant lid, dual material cycle oil bottle lid mold, multi k caps!

Once the order is confirmed, then we review the specifications and requirements to determine the best mold for the final product. Designers then begin working on a design that will meet the specifications and client’s requests.

We reviews the specifications and determines the best material for the mold. Before the final mold making, our mold builder team, design department, and clients review the designs and find ways to improve or change. Here I can assure you that the final product can fully meet the initial needs of customers! And will only be exceed than customers’ requirement!

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rotary mold lubricant bottle closures

two color screw bottle cap

Focare Mould, China top bi material mold maker, quality offer multi shot oil cap mold, dual injection lube oil closures, rotary mold lubricant bottle caps, two tone oil seal cap mould !

Our mold builder team and design department should consider areas that require review, such as product structure, mold structure, venting and cooling system. The mold itself isn’t the only element that has to be ready by the beginning of production.
Once approved by the customer, then our team will evaluate the designs and begin working on the mold.

We begin analyzing the final product once it is done to determine if the mold can make a product that meets the specifications. Prototypes are adjusted and reworked at this point if the finished product does not meet the client’s needs. Complete molds are usually just verified as a lot more analysis went into the design before the plastic injection mold making began.

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two color engine oil cap


Focare Mould, China top double injection mold maker, quality offer two color screw bottle cap mold, plastic double screw cap mold, two shot oil cap, engine oil closure double injection!

Wide range of packaging applications produced on Focare molds:

Strong applications experience is key for the high performance multi shot molds supplied by Focare. And we pride ourselves in producing top quality molds and systems.

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bicolor cap molding supply


To be honest, plastic caps molding market is very big, especially for cosmetic packaging, shampoo bottle packaging & oil packaging !

But now the single color cap is already flooding all over the world, so the profit for investors must be very less! Then how to get a higher profit?? How to get a breakthrough in the product of plastic caps?

Well, the answer definitely is 2k plastic caps!

So what’s the advantage if changing to 2k caps??

  • Suppliers can gain more time to occupy the market

As we all know, now piracy is very rampant, especially China and India. But since bicolor cap no matter product design or mold construction design, it is much more complex than single color cap. So it will not easy to be copied! So suppliers can gain much more time to occupy the market, it means can gain more time to get more profits before the cap has been copied and enter into the market! And for all businessmen, the profit is the key to think about to start a new project!

But compared with single color cap mold & machine, the invest of two color mold & 2k injection machine will be much higher, which may also discourage the most investors!

But don’t worry, we Focare Mould can be your good choice to continue your 2k projects! We’re the top two color mold maker here in Taizhou, also we have our own table rotary 2k machine & shaft rotary bicolor injection machine, which is able help to do the molding services for you!

As for the mold cost, sure we’ll offer you our best, also if your required molded caps quantity is large, we’re ok to bear the mold cost by ourselves!

So highly welcome your molding 2k caps inquiry!


China two color oil cap mold

two color oil cap mold


Product name: Mahindra 2K oil cap mold

Material: HDPE

Product dimension: 46.7 X 50.5 X 25.7mm

Product weight: first color 2.67g, second color 4.75g

Steel: core/ cavity S136 China with hardness HRC45-48

Cavity number: 16+16

Gate: 32 tips hot runner point gate

Mold dimension: 900 X 675 X 531mm

Mold weight: 1257kg

Machine: FCS 230T two color turnable injection machine

Focare Mould, China leading 2K mold maker, offer two colour oil cap mold, bicolor lubricating oil cap injection mold, 2K closure mold for oil bottles, oil packaging. Quality supply plastic cap mold with sliders structure & unscrewing demoulding cap molds.

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