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water tumbler two color

Focare Mould, China top multi shot mold maker, quality offer plastic two color cup injection mold, plastic mug injection mold 2k, double mold tumbler, multi shot cup mold rotary!

As a leader in Taizhou in supplying multi shot molds and systems, we have made significant investments in people, machines, tool technology and systems, to enhance support to our customers, while retaining the resources to drive developments for innovative multi component molding solutions.

We Focare has had the privilege to work with top injection machine suppliers from the industry, to successful run the multi shot systems worldwide, for example FCS, HAITIAN, BOLE, YIZUMI, HWAMDA, BORCHE, etc.

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insulated plastic mugs two color mold design

Focare Mould is a global provider of sophisticated integrated plastic tooling solutions for the multi shot injection molding. From product and mold design to complete systems integration, Focare Mould develops multi shot molds, which provides the most effective and efficient production solutions. We Focare differentiates itself by delivering higher productivity to the caps, closures, technical and medical markets.


Above is our technical innovation in multi shot molding, to have the insulated plastic mugs in two color design!

No need to do the ultrasonic in secondary process, just by one step molding with 2k / 3k injection machine!

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foldable tumbler two color mold design


Focare Mould, China top dual material mold maker, offertwo color foldable tumbler mold design, plastic double folded coffee cup mould, bi material portable cup, 2k tumbler supply!

If you are tired of the coffee cup that you carry with, takes up too much space in your bag; if you are troubled because your water cup is too large and too heavy, then the folding portable cup will be the best solution for you! Furthermore, the two-color folding portable cup will give you more choices!

The advantages of 2k foldable tumbler:

  • Say goodbye to the consumption of disposable drinking cups, very environmentally friendly!
  • Adopt rotary closing method, high sealing, no leakage!
  • The height is only about 5cm after folded, it can be stored in the bag or even in your pocket, very portable!
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning!
  • The use of environmentally friendly materials, the cup body is food grade TPE, does not contain BPA or heavy metals
  • While the lid is made of thermoplastic (PP) without plasticizer
  • Both the cup body and lid are heat-resistant and can heat beverages in the microwave! (The lid needs to be opened when heating)
  • The choice of multiple colors to decorate your life and light up your mood even more!

Our genesis team assist customers with creating, enhancing and optimizing plastic part designs for moldability, functionality and package performance, to greatly meet your two color molding standard!

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rotary mold cups


Focare Mould, Taizhou China best multi color mold maker, quality offer rotary mold cups, two color mold design plastic mug, 2K tumbler injection mold, bi colors cup turnable molding!

With focus on the two color injection molding, we Focare supply total development solutions from your concept to the reality.

Knowledgeable of plastics processing and materials, under good talent of modern life, we participate as your project partner more than business, to ensure desired quality meet high standards, also care the use feeling of end customers.

We share our knowledge to ensure the two colored products match to production equipment capability and subsequently participate in the final design qualification review.

If you’re new in two color molding, if you have no good idea about the two color designs, if you’re still looking for the good two color mold maker in China, we can be your another good choice!

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twin color mug mold

plastic maker of cup two color mold design

Focare MouldChina top two color mold maker quality offer plastic mugs two color mold design, double colour cup mold, bi colors tumbler injection mold, twin color moulding solutions for glass mold 2K injection!

Years experience of the two color injection molding, with the spirit of service and sustainable developing, we insist to offer worldwide customers double colour molds with long lifetime manufacturing and easy adjustable maintenance, to greatly achieve your profit and benefit.

Develop on quality, win-win on honesty. We’re sincere to start long term cooperation with you.

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China 2K beer cup mold maker

two color bubble mug beer tumbler mold


Mold name: 2K beer bubble mugs

Product dimension: 84.2 X 115.3 X 99.8mm

Product weight: 64 grams

Plastic material: PS+PS

Cavity number: 2+2

Steel: core/ cavity H13 with hardness HRC45-48

Gate: 4 tips hot runner point gate

Mold dimension: 958 X 830 X 591mm

Machine: FCS 280R two color turnable machine

Focare Mould, being Taizhou best 2K mold maker, quality offer plastic mugs in two color molding designs, double color cup injection molded, bi colors beer mug mold tumbler mold multi K moulding.


We pay much more attention on the mold construction design, to ensure the 2K molds durable and easy maintenance for your side long time manufacturing! Pls find above pictures, as you can see on all places that might be worn easily, we put maximum wear plates & bearing plates with HRC45 above to guarantee the mold!

If you’re new start in 2K injection molding, if you’re still looking for the good 2K mold maker in China, we Focare can be your another good choice. We’re always here ready to offer you the best two color molding solutions!

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Two colour tumbler mold

China rotary mug mold manufacturer
China rotary mug mold manufacturer

Rich experience in two colour molds making, 2 color injection molding. Perfect with 2 colors melting, double color machine parameters setting, includes plastic melting & mold temperature, injecting pressure, etc.

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two color houseware mould china

Mold name: Two color mug mold
Mold cavity: 2+2
Mold injection system: 4 tips hot runner
Mold steel: H13
Mold Dimension: 705*483*533 (for half)
Mold weight: 893kg (for half)
Product Name: 2 Color Classic Mug
Product material: PS
Product size:  110*77*97mm
Product weight: 115g

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