bi injection iced tumbler mold


Focare Mould, China top multi material mold maker, quality offer multiple color ice cold cup mold, dual injection bier drinking cups, bi shot plastic tumbler mold, two tone mugs mold!

When it comes to converting a metal part into a plastic part, there are quite a few advantages to be had:

  • Weight: Plastics are significantly lighter than machined or cast parts
  • Cost: Plastics are cheaper to use than metals
  • Corrosion: Unlike metals, corrosion isn’t a factor, especially important for medical and food-safe parts.
  • Design: With molded plastics, you have more design freedom than with machined metal.
  • Multi-Material: The ability to fuse several plastics together in a single part through overmolding, such as creating a soft seal with a rigid center.
  • Throughput: Plastic parts also have a faster production cycle than metal parts

Want to learn more about metal-to-plastic conversions and if the process is right for you? Contact Focare Mould. With decades years in the injection mold making business, including in-house mold design and manufacturing, we can provide you with all the tools to help decide if it is right for your part.

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two shot double walled glass mold


Focare Mould, China top multi k mold maker, quality offer two shot insulated plastic glass mold, multi color drink cup double walled, double bottom coffee mug rotary mold, insulated cup!

With decades years of experience and a focus on quality, Focare is one of the best in our industry. Most of our projects are designing and producing customized molds for our clients, especially the multiple component mold, to fulfill a need for a unique or specialized plastic part.

We offer the best quality custom plastic molds at very competitive rates. Combined, we have rich experience in making nearly any kind of mold, from the simple prototype to complex, multi-cavity mold.

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double shot sublimation mug mold

China 2K bubble mug mold

Focare Mould, China top dual injection mold maker, quality offer double shot sublimation mug mold, twin injection tumbler cup mold, dual shot coffee mug mold, duotone mold drink cups!

The types of bichrome molds we routinely design and build include:

  • multi shot insert mold
  • multi shot unscrewing mold
  • multi shot stack mold
  • multi shot over mold
  • multi shot turntable mold
  • multi shot index plate mold
  • multi shot core toggle mold

Focare is a premier designer and builder of both domestic and off-shore multi injection molds for the plastic industries. We have the capabilities to provide multi component injection molds cost-effectively while meeting customers’ standards at all times!

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dual shot drinking glass mold

tumbler mold 2k

Focare Mould, China top bi shot mold maker, quality offer double injection cold cups mold, twin shot plastic glasses, co injection drinkware mold, two injection handled tumbler mold!

We Focare being a world leader in dual injection mold building, we stand behind all off-shore molds by managing the process to ensure all off-shore molds are completed up to customer standards before shipment.

We provide our customers dedicated support and complete management from start to finish regardless of whether or not the mold is made domestically or off-shore.

When ready, our experienced, expert technical team is available to provide controlled multi colored sample runs by ourselves, as we have our own double shot injection molding machines available for testing and do the molding!

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multi shot plastic mug mold

China 2K mold plastic cups

Focare Mould, China top two tone mold maker, quality offer multi injection plastic mug mold, two shot tumbler mold, dual colour drinking cups mold, turntable mold plastic tablewares!

We design and build highly complex and intricate injection molds for the medical, electronics and consumer multi colored parts industries.

Focare Mould, is a world leader in multi injection mold building. We have the experienced resources to deliver unmatched engineering design, tool-making, and exceptional customer service.

With decades years of building some of the most complicated injection molds, we have the know-how to make the most difficult molds that much of the mold building industry cannot tackle.

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