two color plastic tub folded


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Here at Focare, we’ve made sustainability a priority, from investing in high tech multi shot molding solutions, to changing our corporate culture to fully embrace sustainability goals throughout our organization and community.

We’ve also used our considerable engineering resources to develop an innovation multi materials mold construction of effective technologies for our customers, to help them with their sustainability challenges.

We Focare team remains active fulfilling new projects and stands ready to support unforeseen customer requirements.


bi material baby potty for car & home use

Focare Mould, China top co injection mold maker, quality offer bi material baby potty mold, 2k tpe pp baby toilet seat, two component closestool seat, bicolors potty training seat!

If your kids need to go to the toilet when you drive on the high way, if your kids need to go to the toilet when you’re in the traffic jam in the city, then what to do ?? If you let your kid pee or poop in the car directly, it will cost you a lot of car washing fees! At the same time, there will always be an unpleasant smell in your following journey!

Here comes the solution for you! A bi-material baby potty for your car use!

bi material baby potty seat

And the advantages is:

  • considering the kids safety while you’re driving, strengthen the seat belt fixing

two color baby toilet seat for car use

  • TPE anti-slip design, at the same time, will not damage your car seat!

bicolors baby potty mold design

  • Rinse-free for quick and easy cleaning! After kids pee or poop, take the bag directly and throw it away! Also here has a sweet design, to hold the bag into the two sides TPE plug!

plastic double mould closestool seat

  • And it can be folded to save your car space!

two colour potty seat used for car


  • In additionally, it can be also used for home!

2k tpe pp baby potty training seat

Product design is the start of all successful programs, especially for multi materials projects. We Focare with our genius design team aim to offer you the quality two color molded part at the very beginning !

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two color baby toilet seat

Focare Mould, China top co injection mold maker, offer two color design baby toilet seat mold, plastic potty seat double mould, closestool seat injection mold 2k!

Support from Focare’s engineering team and their ability to help design a part for specific custom applications. This expertise starts with the manufacturing of a 2k mold to the planning and delivery of Turnkey systems.

Some of the advantages of we Focare 2k molds are:

  • better jointing line of the two colors melting
  • very smooth parting line
  • much more durable manufacturing
  • less and simply maintenance

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plastic chains injection mold


Mold name: pacifier chain mold

Plastic material: PP

Product dimension: 36 X 194.3 X 7.6mm

Product weight: 3.3 grams

Steel: core/ cavity S136 with hardness HRC45-48

Cavity number: 1cav

Gate: cold runner

Mold dimension: 391 X 400 X 370mm

Machine: Borche 150T single color machine

Focare Mould, China mold maker quality offer plastic chains injection moldbaby pacifier chain mold, die molds soother chain, anti-lost stroller chain mould, dummy holder, pacifier holders chain mold, nipple strap injection molded for baby!

How to make a quality chain mold?

Well, at first, to choose the right parting line will be very important. As our experience, if you choose the wrong parting line to molded the chain, then it will be scratched while demoulding! And then comes to the mold construction design, we make the design as two sliders in the mold cavity, and two angle lifters in the core, to successfully realize chain mold automatic running!

If you’re still looking for the good chain mold maker in China, pls do not hesitate to contact me! And I would like to show you the details chain mold design!

To see is to believe!


two color mold fresh food feeder

China mold two color fresh food feeder

2K fresh feeding mesh feeder handle

Focare Mould, being China top two color mold maker, quality offer 2K mold fresh food feeder, double color fruit teether, baby teething feeder bi injection mold, fresh feeding mesh feeder handle in two color moulding designs.

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As some two color designs only can be made by two molds injection — over molding, and some made by the vertical injection machine, we’re able to offer you our professional suggestion for the designs modification to fit your two color turnable machine, on the base of smooth two shot molding and also nice-looking of the final bi colored product!

For more details, pls feel free to contact with me!


two color toddler feeding set


China two color mold maker offer toddler dining set bicolor mold, 2K die mould divided feeding bowl & spoon, bi component baby protect bowl, double color toddler utensils learning dishes.

Pls visit below to see our two color molds design, to clearly see how we insist on the mold construction design, which we insist believe is one of the key to achieve mold with excellent performance.

Two color mold design

If you’re still looking for the good 2K mold maker in China, if you prefer to have the bicolor injection mold durable and easy maintenance, if you pay more attention on the molds quality not only cost, then we can be your another good choice.

We’re here ready to offer you the quality molds with the most reasonable cost!

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2K mould baby nursing bottle handles


Focare Mould Co.,Ltd. quality offer two color mold feeder handles, dual color feeding bottle handles mould, 2K die nursing bottle handles bi injection, plastic baby bottles two shot moulds, double color molds milk bottle handles!

Due to now the mothers are more and more younger, their pursuit of modern life quality is becoming more and more high! At the same time, they pay much more attention to their children! So for the baby products, they require the higher quality and the more attractive out-looking! So compared to the original traditional single color baby nursing bottles, two colors design can be more attractive! 

PP+TPE two component design, fully considering the situations when baby use the nursing bottles, to have it easy handling & anti slip.

For more details or any new inquiry of bi shot mold, pls feel free to contact with me.


Die moulds baby toothbrush China maker

Brush mould maker China, specialized custom two color mold brush, die moulds toothbrush, axis rotary toothbrush injection moulding, bi-color overmolding TPE brush.

Focare Mould Co.,Ltd. the first and the only one mold maker located in Huangyan Taizhou mold town, that can offer the good quality two colores mould, bi injection toothbrush mold, mould brush!

What we offer:

Custom bi injection molding solution according to your situation

Unique two colores mold design, which we insist is the key to achieve molds with excellent performance!

Precision high speed CNC tooling to ensure the double colores moulds accuracy

Hours testing with our toothbrush molding machine, to ensure molds smooth running.

24hours (should get rid of the sleeping time of course) after services stand by, to offer you the fast response & solution in the very first time!

Anyway, if you pay more attention on the molds durable manufacturing, and are still looking for the good quality two color mould maker in China, feel free to contact with me! I’m always here ready to service you!!!