insulated plastic mugs two color mold design

Focare Mould is a global provider of sophisticated integrated plastic tooling solutions for the multi shot injection molding. From product and mold design to complete systems integration, Focare Mould develops multi shot molds, which provides the most effective and efficient production solutions. We Focare differentiates itself by delivering higher productivity to the caps, closures, technical and medical markets.


Above is our technical innovation in multi shot molding, to have the insulated plastic mugs in two color design!

No need to do the ultrasonic in secondary process, just by one step molding with 2k / 3k injection machine!

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bi colors plastic funnel mold design


Focare Mould, China top multi material mold maker, offer plastic funnel injection mold 2k, double colour funnel mold, folded funnel two color mold design, bi material funnel mould supply!

Turnkey 2K Mold Systems that are ready to go when they hit the production floor without being restricted to one system component manufacturer: this is what Focare’s unique capabilities make possible.

Focare is able to provide complete integration of mold, machine, product handling, temperature controller and other auxiliary equipment. With this service, there is no need to separately source the part design, 2k mold, two color injection molding machine, product handling, robotics and related equipment from different suppliers. Furthermore, with Turnkey 2k mold system customers are not required to invest countless hours in debugging their system when it arrives at their production floor. No more lost production time in getting all the individual equipment working together.

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bi injection baking bowls suit


Focare Mould, China top multiple component mold maker, offer baking bowls suit two color mold design, bi materials food bowl, plastic double mixing bowl mold, 2k baking bowl!

Injection mold systems provided by Focare include 2k plastic part design, mold prototyping, pilot testing and system integration. Our experience with high cavitation systems is well suited to 2k projects to end users. Focare has delivered bi materials moldsto customers in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

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bi materials kitchen waste bin foldable design


Focare Mould, China top dual component mold maker, offer foldable kitchen waste bin in two color mold design, double colour folding plastic bins, bi materials folded garbage can!

If you often cook by yourself or work in the kitchen, then you will definitely wIsh to have a waste bin that is within your reach! As normally kitchen bins are either on the ground or inside the closet very near the ground! But in fact, this has caused us a lot of troubles, especially when we need to clean up some greasy things or the things maybe with water! And because of the height difference, we often throw garbage out of the trash, or we need to bend down to throw the garbage!

Jingle! Now is the moment to rescue you! Because we have developed a wall-mounted kitchen trash bins!

  • You can hang it directly on the cabinet door, or you can use a non-marking sticker to attach it to the cabinet door!
  • In addition, because it is a bi material design, it can be folded to save space and no need to worry about bumping!
  • Large caliber, easily store different kinds of kitchen waste!
  • Lateral opening design, garbage is not easy to spill.
  • Super bearing capacity!
  • Also it is suited for variety of scenes, like bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and even for car use!

Our genius design team always has all kinds of ideas, but the only thing we insist is to design the plastic part and mold construction from the perspective of our customers! So we will solve the foreseeable problems during the design stage! And it will save a lot of time for mold re-machining and maintenance in the future!

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two color scissors mold


Focare Mould, China top multi shot mold maker, offer two color scissors mold, kitchen shears double mould, bicolor orchard shears, pet nail clippers injection mold 2k supply!

Injection molded part prototyping services are provided by Focare to achieve high quality and well defined part samples.

As we know, prototypes are used to assist customers and engineers with the visualization of the plastic product, and it will be able to validate the performance parameters of the final mold.

When final prototypes are approved, we are confident the production molds will be efficient, ready for production and will offer a significantly reduced time to launch.

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two color slotted spoon design


Focare Mould, China top 2k mold maker, quality offer plastic houseware, kitchenwares in two color molding designs, supply 2k slotted spoon mold, 2 component slotted spatula, plastic double mold slotted ladle with fast delivery!

Why to choose we Focare as your two color mold supplier:

To choose the right location to sealing the two different glues (hard glue once and soft glue twice, or transparent once and opaque twice) is the basic to achieve an excellent performance 2K mold! And it will be directly influenced by the product design, so a good 2k mold maker should have rich knowledge of both the product design and mold design for two colour molds.

  • precision & high speed machining
  • experienced employees for the double mold assembling

All our employees had been strictly selected and invited from GuangDong province. As we all know, GuangDong is another mold town of China, and it is famous of making precision molds, which the cost is also very higher than Taizhou!

  • well know about the two color moldings

The plastics with high forming temperature are made once and with low forming temperature are made twice. Anyway, if you’re new in 2 component molding, we’re highly welcome to your down visiting to check and learn how we do ! Also once the double colour mold & machine reach your factory, we’re able to fly to your side, to help do the adjusting and training your workers.

Since multi k mold is more and more popular, and surely it will be the trend in future, so better to catch and start it ASAP!

Welcome your new inquiry!


plastic handle 2K vegetable peeler

two color mold plastic peelers

Mold name: plastic peelers mold interchangeable

Plastic material: ABS+TPE

Product dimension: 136 X 59 X 16mm

Product weight: around 18 grams

Steel: core / cavity 718H with hardness HRC 30-33

Cavity number: 2+2 cav

Gate: 3 tips hot runner point gate

Mold dimension: 935 X 780 X 531mm

Mold weight: 1525kg

Machine: FCS FB280R turnable injection machine

Delivery: T1 in 60 days after mold design confirmed by your side!

Focare Mould, China top 2K mold maker, quality offer two color fruit peelers mold plastic handle, bi colors vegetable grater, 2 component mold peeler slicers, plastic 2K shredder mold, TPE peelers injection mold two shot!

We Focare take baby-sitter’s care of your two color project! Benefit from the knowledgeable of two colors injection molding, we fully understand and well know customers’ needs and requirements, we offer pre-sales services of the customed solution for your two color molding!

Once order confirmed, we start the product design and two color mold design, you may confirm the design by yourself if you want or you can 100% trust us, we’ll do the design self-checking, to ensure to get an excellent performance mold! And after that, we start the steel machining. We will have one engineer to follow your project, to report you the weekly machining process, to ensure mold delivery on time! Also he will send the inspection report of product dimensions, etc. together with the molding parameters & raw material specifications as a reference for you! This is the on-purchase services what we offer!

Then sure after services, we’ll stand by 16 hours per day, to fast feedback you any manufacturing problems that you may have!

Anyway, if you’re still looking for the good 2K mold maker in China, we can be your another good choice!


bicolor chopping board injection mold


China top rank bi component mold maker, Focare Mould Co.,Ltd. offer 2K kitchenware molds with quality and delivery! Bicolor chopping board injection mold, two color mold cutting board, mincing board bi injection, two shot chopping block, cutting block two colour molding supply. 

We Focare aim to offer worldwide customers durable molds with easy maintenance, so we focus on the steel quality and 2K mold construction design, as we insist believe these two factors are the main points to achieve molds with excellent performance!

If you share the same mentality with us, looking for the good mold with long lifetime manufacturing and easy maintenance, pls feel free to contact me for your custom of 2K molds.

Always here ready to service you!