dustpan bi material mold design


Focare Mould, China top 2 component mold maker, offer plastic double dust pan mold, bi material garbage container mold, dustpan injection mould 2k, 2 colour winnowing fork!

In our daily life, we may often encounter that our dustpan cannot clean the ground perfectly, especially the dust! At this time we will find that it is because the edge of the dustpan has been warped and deformed! Headache!

In addition, after we clean our hairs, we will always find a pile of hair pulled on the broom, which is very difficult to clean! Headache again !

But now with this dustpan, the above headaches will be gone!

We’ve designed TPE on the edge of the dustpan, and because TPE is a kind of soft elastomer, so it can fit very well with the ground, to clean out the dust! Also on the upper edge of the dustpan, we also designed the protrusions of TPE, we can use these protrusions to separate the hair from the broom after we clean the hairs! Very easy, no need to strip your hair by hand later!

We Focare always look from the perspective of customers, the same as 2k part design and 2k mold making! A the very early stage, we have foreseen many problems that customers will encounter during his future production! Therefore, we have fully considered these during the design, to avoid the future mold modification, to save the great time and money!

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two color basket rattan design


Focare Mould, China top dual colour mold maker, offer two color basket in rattan design, plastic rattan basket injection mold 2k, double shot storage basket mould rattan!

As we all know, hot runner system is very important for the injection molds, as it will directly influence the raw material balance injecting, thus to have the good full filled plastic parts!

Focare provides freedom of design to geometrically balance melt flow to each cavity

  • Overall fill balance is optimized
  • Sharp corners and “dead spots” are eliminated
  • Channel end plugs are eliminated, no risk of leakage
  • Improved cavity-to-cavity weight variation
  • Fast color change over time

We Focare pay attention to the more details, to have the multi shot mold durable!

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2 component bucket foldable design


Focare Mould, China top dual component mold maker, offer two color rectangular bucket foldable design, bi material bucket mold, folding water bucket bi color mould design!

Simplify but not simple, I think this is the best state of life for we people in urban! Remove those cumbersome things from our lives, leaving only the most necessaries! And it is same with the foldable housewares, such as fold water buckets, fold drain baskets, and fold washbasins, etc. They can leave more space for our daily lives!

We Focare is committed to the developing and making two-color molds, so far, we have done the most is still simple two-color kitchenwares! But to make easy mold durable, there must be something!

We have been making continuous progress in two color molding! And we are ready for the multi shot medical molds, which with much more precision and more complex mold construction design!



bi materials kitchen waste bin foldable design


Focare Mould, China top dual component mold maker, offer foldable kitchen waste bin in two color mold design, double colour folding plastic bins, bi materials folded garbage can!

If you often cook by yourself or work in the kitchen, then you will definitely wIsh to have a waste bin that is within your reach! As normally kitchen bins are either on the ground or inside the closet very near the ground! But in fact, this has caused us a lot of troubles, especially when we need to clean up some greasy things or the things maybe with water! And because of the height difference, we often throw garbage out of the trash, or we need to bend down to throw the garbage!

Jingle! Now is the moment to rescue you! Because we have developed a wall-mounted kitchen trash bins!

  • You can hang it directly on the cabinet door, or you can use a non-marking sticker to attach it to the cabinet door!
  • In addition, because it is a bi material design, it can be folded to save space and no need to worry about bumping!
  • Large caliber, easily store different kinds of kitchen waste!
  • Lateral opening design, garbage is not easy to spill.
  • Super bearing capacity!
  • Also it is suited for variety of scenes, like bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and even for car use!

Our genius design team always has all kinds of ideas, but the only thing we insist is to design the plastic part and mold construction from the perspective of our customers! So we will solve the foreseeable problems during the design stage! And it will save a lot of time for mold re-machining and maintenance in the future!

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two color scissors mold


Focare Mould, China top multi shot mold maker, offer two color scissors mold, kitchen shears double mould, bicolor orchard shears, pet nail clippers injection mold 2k supply!

Injection molded part prototyping services are provided by Focare to achieve high quality and well defined part samples.

As we know, prototypes are used to assist customers and engineers with the visualization of the plastic product, and it will be able to validate the performance parameters of the final mold.

When final prototypes are approved, we are confident the production molds will be efficient, ready for production and will offer a significantly reduced time to launch.

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2 colour clothes rack mold

Focare Mould, China top rank 2 colour mold maker, offer you quality 2k coat hanger mold, plastic hangers bi injection, two component clothes rack mold, PP & TPE drying rack double mold!

Hanger body: 

Product dimension: width 44mm * height 17mm

Product weight: 75g

Mold cavity: 2+2cav

Gate: 8 tips hot runner point gate


Hanger head: 

Product weight: 11g

Mold cavity: 8+8cav

Gate: 10 tips hot runner point gate

Plastic material: PP+TPE

Steel: core/ cavity 718H with hardness HRC30-33

Machine: FCS 280T table rotary machine 

Compared with the single-color hanger, the two-color hanger has TPE on the shoulder, which increases the friction with the clothes, so it can prevent the coat from slipping when hanging! At the same time, because of the softness of TPE, the coat will not be deformed by the rigid PP shoulder while drying!

2 color products are becoming more and more popular now, because they are much more better than the single color parts and make up for its shortages! Also it has the better out-looking !

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To see is to believe!



plastic hangers stack mold


Focare Mould, one of the leading mold makers from Huangyan, professional custom you the quality plastic hanger molds, two color clothes rack mold, hangers stacking mold!

So what’s the key technics of the stack mold???

  • It should be accurately calculate the mold flow of the design, to avoid uneven feeding of two layers of the hangers!
  • Compared to the normal molds, the hot runner solutions of stack mold should be much better, should be not easy to leakage!
  • The mold structure and movement should be reasonable!
  • The filling area should be well calculated, to avoid insufficient clamping force of injection machine!
  • And the mold machining must be high precision!

Also we Focare specialized offering hangers in two color molding designs, 2 component drying rack supply. Guarantee you the quality & delivery!

2 component plastic hangers

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TPE window washer 2K mold


Focare Mould, Taizhou China best two color mold maker, offer you the best multi color moulding solutions! Double color plastic window wiper injection mold, 2K rubber mold window cleaners, two color mold design for TPE window cleaning squeegee.


Normally we will have T1 test in 60 days after the mold design confirmed by your side. As soon as you confirmed the mold design, then we may need one week to optimize all the details of the two color mold construction. Then will start the steels purchasing, and start the mold base customed in JiangSu province, to guarantee the complete molds accuracy! Maximum will need around 20 days to finish the custom, at the same time, we already start the inserts machining, to greatly save the mold delivery! We’ll send you the processing pictures by one week, to let you better know the molds situation under manufacturing!

Also we have one sales engineer, who has a certain mold expertise to smooth communicate with the customers for their needs and requirements. She will take fully responsibility of your two color project, from the design procedure until to the final molds shipping and after services of course!

If you don’t mind. pls give us a chance to serve you, also give yourself a chance to get a good multi K mold with competitive cost!