China flip top cap two color moulding


Focare Mould quality offer two color mold bottle flip top caps, bi color flip top closure, multi color multi plastic mould flip top caps and closures.

Professional custom:

Being leading two color mold maker from Huangyan mold town, we Focare Mould specialist manufacturing 2 component molds for worldwide customers.

– Experienced to choose the right location of two colors easy and precision jointing of the colored part;

– Unique bottle flip top caps in two color moulding designs, ensure your mold durable and easy maintenance for future long time manufacturing!

– Precision parameters setting of table rotary/ axis rotary two color machine, ensure excellent performance of two color molds.

Welcome your new inquiry of 2K flip top cap molds, we’re always here ready to service you!


How is the molding solution of 2 color flip top?

There are several ways to molding 2 color flip top closures: by rotary table multi component injection machine, which needs machine with turntable.


So any other way to molding such flip top by standard machine ?

Sure, but still needs second unit side entry beside the machine, check below picture.


And what will be the mold structure ?

Have to use hydraulic cylinder core pulling, after first color inject, cylinder work to cut off first color overflow into second color area, also after core pulling, then second unit inject. Motor can not replace cylinder here, as motor just keep on rotating, can not realize the limit effect, to prevent first color overflow.

In additionally, mold needs valve gate injection, to realize raw material timing control.

Or there is other way, mold without cylinder if your standard machine no hydraulic core pulling installed: we do the custom the turntable, to good fit with machine to realize rotating.


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dos colores flip tapa superior del molde


Si usted todavía está buscando el bien del tirón molde tapa superior, molde de la tapa de dos colores en Chine, por favor no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo.

Insistimos en el diseño de la estructura del molde y la calidad del acero, que ofrecemos no sólo el molde pero garantía. Haciendo el molde vivo de mantenimiento duradero y fácil.

Con experiencia técnica y los servicios, con la comunicación útiles para satisfacerle!

Por favor, no dude en ponerse en contacto con Lucia para el molde de tapa abatible 2K, siempre listo para apoyarlo.



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