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One of the common issues we see with part prototypes that are brought to us is design choices made with the end user in mind instead of manufacturing practicalities. While it’s important to have a product with a great user experience, often these can result in a product that is wasteful, inefficient, or problem causing from a manufacturing standpoint. Working with a manufacturer before you’ve become married to the design of a product creates a great product that is easier to make. And it’s all about industry experience. Over the years, we have seen thousands of digital and 3D prototypes.

It’s vital that you have experienced eyes to review your part design, analyze it, and give you honest feedback. At Focare, we have a team of skilled experts with decades years of experience in mold making!

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It’s important you’ve got the best mold and part manufacturer to avoid defects that cause costly part finishing and discarding or mold redesigns. Work with a mold maker that understands the process and tool creation and troubleshooting of the injection molding, like we Focare! It can help you save a lot of unnecessary time and speed up the delivery of mold making also the final molded parts, especially two-color parts, as we all know that the cycle time of two-color parts usually is longer than that of single-color parts!

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In manufacturing and beyond, there’s the adage, “You get what you pay for.” The quality of a mold is dependent upon many factors, many of which require more time, technology, and materials. We help our clients figure out your budget and work with you to meet quality standards.

For both mold manufacturing and part creation, it is important to understand that the quality of mold – the part tolerances, chances of defects, and ability to provide advanced features, can suffer from a cheaper manufacturer. Likewise, especially in fields that require high standards, without certain quality control measures, the flaws in parts and molds can be more costly.

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2k handlebar rubber grip mold

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Every business needs to prototype and test their products before they go to market, the sooner you can make physical copies of your product, the better. Then working with an injection molding company like we Focare could be your best choice! As we can take your CAD designs and foresee production issues. From issues in injection molding to assembly, we will get you a more grounded prototype.

Once finished the prototypes, short-run production can also help you get to market, especially if you want to test the waters first. With the right designed mold, you can scale up parts production to meet demands, allowing more flexibility when it comes to meeting orders.

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Mold standardization and the scalability feature have been a success with our customers’ multi component projects. In Engineering we Focare is willing to undertake Analysis over and beyond basic services offered.

We’ve been highly recommended by our customers as a supplier of molds and post-sale mold service, as we are a company that is serious, responsible, organized, and passionate about customer service and the execution of successful projects.

Mold quality, materials, service and delivery time from us are exceptional.

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