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As you begin questioning the companies that you are considering using, there are three primary considerations:

  • Mold materials used by the company
  • Sampling employed by the company for quality
  • Typical shipping and lead times you can expect

We Focare guarantee will use the quality steel exactly the same as we quoted you, not like most Chinese mold makers cheating in steel! If you do trust, or we can cut you a small piece of the steel for your any lab testing!

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If you have been considering sourcing to injection mold makers China, you probably know that it isn’t nearly as easy or straight forward an endeavor as it sounds. There are several ways to establish a provider, a number of different aspects to consider before making your final selection, and a variety of negotiations that need to be made based on the source you use.

As you start researching your options, it can quickly get overwhelming because there is such a wide range of things to consider. Ultimately, the decision could end up costing you money.

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Each injection mold manufacturer should have a set of standards for their equipment which will detail the size of their presses, any mold base construction requirements, type of steel and hardness needed, all electrical and cooling requirements, the ejection pattern and any CAD or part design data. The volume of the product to be produced is helpful information, along with customer expectations regarding part finish and functionality.

We have fully considered the production conditions of our customers and custom the most suitable mold designs! The final result will only greatly exceed the expectations of the guests!

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An very important mold design consideration is the molding environment that the tool will run in. A designer must know the specific press the mold will run in and properties of that press.

The location of water fittings for cooling systems, electrical connectors and wiring preferences is also an important consideration for the mold to fit and work properly in the press. Care must be taken so that all of the mold plumbing does not interfere with the tie-bars or the clamping system of the press. The size of the locating ring and the radius of the sprue is important for proper fitting, and volume determination.

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One of the first things that a mold designer considers is the part design. This includes carefully evaluating the location of all critical dimensions which may include. Part tolerances, including all required quality acceptable data provided by the customer, will let the designer know which areas must meet strict tolerances.

The injection mold builder must also know the surface finish of the part, the texture required, and any restrictions on parting line or knit lines for proper gating.

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