plastic cutlery in mold close

plastic cutlery in mold close

Focare Mould, China precision mold maker, quality offer plastic cutlery in mold close system, folded cutlery injection mold, spoon n fork stack mold hamburger injection moulding!

For cutlery molds, normally will be multi cavities, and we Focare technologies including stack molds, as well as in mold closing system can reach your high output requirement.

Parts can be molded with a living hinge at the middle of the handle, and it will be folded in the mold and locks the parts in the folded position before part ejection!

In mold close for plastic cutlery enables packing of the spoon n fork into a much smaller space! And most of Focare’s cutlery molds have been built in 2×32 and 2×48 constructions.

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co injection stack mold supply

co injection stack mold China supply

Co injection molds is widely used in food and medical packaging, and we Focare provides co injection tooling based on innovated technology and systems – CO INJECTION STACK MOLD supply!

Co-injection stack mold can effectively solve the low output of customers’ two-color molded parts, greatly increase the production and reduce the consumption costs!

While compared to the single layer two color mold, the clamping force of co-injection stack mold will be 1.2-1.5 times! And the molding cycle time will be very similar, but the output efficiency is more than 1.8 times!

So what should be paid attention while doing the co-injection stack mold??

  • co injection stack molding with robotic transfer or the mold core part rotary is ok!
  • The mold requires high machining accuracy and high concentricity
  • The mold construction design must consider a reasonable and dedicated mold base system, hot runner system, load guidance system, two-way ejection system, linkage secondary molding system, etc.

We Focare team has accumulated over ten years of R & D and manufacturing experience in multi material molding technology. Foreseeably design and correct defects for various two-color parts, and support customers with the mature bi material molding technologies!!

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plastic hangers stack mold


Focare Mould, one of the leading mold makers from Huangyan, professional custom you the quality plastic hanger molds, two color clothes rack mold, hangers stacking mold!

So what’s the key technics of the stack mold???

  • It should be accurately calculate the mold flow of the design, to avoid uneven feeding of two layers of the hangers!
  • Compared to the normal molds, the hot runner solutions of stack mold should be much better, should be not easy to leakage!
  • The mold structure and movement should be reasonable!
  • The filling area should be well calculated, to avoid insufficient clamping force of injection machine!
  • And the mold machining must be high precision!

Also we Focare specialized offering hangers in two color molding designs, 2 component drying rack supply. Guarantee you the quality & delivery!

2 component plastic hangers

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disposable spoon stack mold

China spoon stacking mold maker

China spoon stack mold

Product name: disposable spoon stack mold

Material: PS

Product dimension: 33.6 X 165.7 X 16mm

Product weight: 2grams

Steel: core / cavity S136 China with hardness HRC45-48

Cavity number: 25+25cav

Gate: 2 tips valve gate

Mold dimension: 580 X 770 X 605mm

Mold weight: 1113kg

Machine: Haitian 300T single color machine

Focare Mould, being China top two color mold maker, not only able to offer the quality 2K molds, also able to offer the high-tech molds for example stacking mold for disposable tableware & cubemold solution! By this way, to greatly increase the product output double or even quadruple!

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