plastic vaginal speculum mold


Focare Mould, China top medical mold maker, quality offer vaginal speculum mold, plastic speculum mold, bivalve speculum mold, gynecology mould, speculum forceps injection mold!

Operating in high-volume, fast-cycle-time markets such as hospital products, we take our responsibility to customers very seriously. It is critical to its success especially for the manufacturer of medical / hopital supplies that partnering with its suppliers!

The Focare mold includes an advanced hot runner system, which helps improve our part quality with superior hot runner balance.

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vacuum blood collection tube mold supply

vacuum blood collection tube mold
blood collection tube mold

Focare Mould, China top medical mold maker, quality offer vacuum tube mold, blood collection tube mold, test tube injection mold, plastic lab SST tube mold, multi cavities plain tube mold supply!

Custom medical molds are developed with Focare’s 3D capabilities for medical parts development, prototyping, and mold design. We provide customers with a knowledgeable resource in customizing high performance technologies to challenging medical applications.

With our combination of high productivity solutions, advanced mold design and manufacturing capabilities and innovative medical expertise, Focare is the logical choice for your next custom MEDICAL project.


medical syringe mold supply

medical syringe mold

Focare Mould, China medical molds maker, quality offer disposable syring barrel mold, plastic plunger syring mold, luer lock syringe injection mold, prefilled flush syringe mold, etc.

Why choose us??
  • Quality:

Spare parts have consistency and interchangeability, one set mold has the same parts and interchangeable!

  • Mold life:

Our mold plates are hardening ,we promise 1 million shots for guarantee, 5 million shots mold life on the base of your side good maintenance and well operation!

  • Automation:

With 100% automatic production, our medical molds are suitable for the unmanned cleaning room .

  • Maintenance and Service:

Service with whole life long , free service and repairing within one year.

  • Capacity:

Production efficiency is maximized, we have always been committed to maximizing the production capacity!

Focare Mould is one of the leaders of the disposable medical molds industry, own mold production, design, development, manufacturing and testing. Through years actual operation,we gained abundant experiences for the medical molds making, now we have built a professional design & mold manufacturing team!

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