bi material strainer spoon mold

2 component slotted spatula

Focare Mould, China top bicolor mold maker, quality offer multi shot cooking spoon mold, bi material perforated ladle mold, multiple component spatula mold, dual injection pasta forks!

Getting the perfect custom injection mold can feel like an impossible task, especially when you need something that is very intricate and has to meet strict specifications. We Focare has earned its exceptional reputation by being one of the best in the industry, especially for the multi injection molds.

Whether you need custom multi injection molds for your medical, electronic, or consumer parts industry, our combined experience decades years can help you achieve the end results you need.

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hamburger mold laundry rack

Focare Mould, China hanger mold maker, quality offer stack mold clothe hanger, clothe rack hamburger mold, 2 component coat hanger mold, multi shot laundry rack mold, plastic hanger!

Clothes hanger molds make use of high volume stack mold technology, to dramatically increase the productivity of a molding cell. For standard injection molding machines, Focare can provide complete stack mold solutions, that include proper support of the mold center section from the machine clamp frame, as well as incorporating centering devices and fully balanced hot runner solutions, that enable consistent production from all cavities in the mold.

One of Focare’s value added capabilities is melt flow analysis which plays an important role when it comes to ensuring proper filling of certain parts such as clothes hangers.

We Focare also custom you two color drying rack mold with quality and delivery!


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Starbucks durian diamond drink cup mold

Starbucks coffee mug mold China

Focare Mould, China top precision mold maker, quality offer plastic tumbler mold, Starbucks coffee mug, iced coffee cup injection mould, Starbucks durian cup, diamond drinking cup!

Focare provides a great product made by knowledgeable, experienced and caring people. The process of buying tooling is moved along rapidly from quotation to start of production. The online review of the tooling before manufacturing is always excellent.

We were assigned a project for high volume applications with a well known firm – Starbucks. With our support and expertise, right from the product development stage to the design and manufacturing of the mold, we did offer a high quality and efficient solution!

As we all know, AS material is very fragile, especially the mold of Starbucks lid, which require a unscrew demoulding structure, so how to ensure smooth demoulding without any strain on the product? What should we pay attention to when designing and processing the mold?

Come to Focare, I believe that our profession will help you very well with your plastics molding.


twin colour dish drainer rack collapsible


Focare Mould, China top double mold maker, quality offer multi shot dish rack collapsible, two color drainer mold design, 2k folding strainers, two component dish drainer mold!

Focare Mould, leading multi component mold makers from Taizhou that demonstrate outstanding innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment within their 2k mold making operations.

We use a combination of the following processes, technologies and equipment to maintain its tight leadtimes:

  • Continuous improvement initiatives
  • Concurrent engineering and manufacturing on critical chain activities
  • Leveraging innovation in product / mold design

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plastic double mold laundry collapsible basket


Focare Mould, China top multi shot mold maker, quality offer 2k rotary laundry mold, two color basket collapsible, 2 component laundry basket, multi shot collapsible laundry!

Focare Mould, as a leader in integrated plastic tooling solutions for the multi shot injection molding industry.

We Focare can build a wide spectrum of 2k injection molds, matching product designs to the most effective and efficient production tooling solution.

Differentiating itself by its technological leadership and innovations, we specialize in caps, closures, and medical two color Molds and Turnkey systems.

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