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Obviously, folding parts are now the trend! Whether it is a storage box for house hold use or a plastic basket for the transport useage! For convenient storage, at the same time, to save more space! So here let me introduce you a foldable storage box:

  • surely it can be folded to reach only 10cm, more than half of the original height
  • after our genius team’s design, we have it light weight but strong enough to hold kgs
  • ok for two ways transporting: one is after folded, but if customer prefer to ship with its original height, it is also ok!

And usually in this case, what we are most worried is that the clips are damaged due to by force during transportation! But we Focare has foreseen this happening and already made adjustments in the part design! We make the clips completely closed while the box nesting with box itself !

Anyway, if you’re still looking for the good mold maker in China, then I’m sure we can be your another good choice!


double bottom wine glass plastic injection mold


How to have the double bottom tumblers? Well, the most common one is glasses, and it is welded by glue with ultrasound, thus to have the appearance that the middle of the two glasses looks hollow!

But as we all know that glass is very fragile, so can we use plastic instead of glass, but still retaining the hollow style in the middle of the two glasses? The answer is yes!

With the efforts of our genius team, we have developed an innovative mold construction design. We canceled the ultrasound welding method in the secondary stage, directly by plastic injecting in one step, to have exactly the same glass as above pictures showed – double bottom wine glass in plastic, also it can be 2k or 3k !

Now the mold is under making, and we plan to show it on Chinaplast 2020, together with Yizumi 3 color machine!

Focare invites you to bring us your 2k mold / 3k mold project big or small, and you will receive full support right from the design stage to prototyping and commercial launch of your product.

Focare provides full support through an experienced part design team that has done a huge number of different multi shot applications.


plastic basket rattan mold design


Focare Mould, China precision mold maker, offer plastic basket rattan mold design, laundry mold rattan basket, storage basket mould rattan, rattan design collection basket!

Support from Focare’s engineering genesis team and their ability to help design a part for specific custom applications. This expertise starts with the manufacturing of a precision mold rattan to the planning and delivery of Turnkey systems.

We Focare also supply rattan basket in two color mouldings design

The innovation in part design wins the more market for you, and the excellence performance of mold running brings you more economic benefits!

This is what we keeping on doing!


dustpan bi material mold design


Focare Mould, China top 2 component mold maker, offer plastic double dust pan mold, bi material garbage container mold, dustpan injection mould 2k, 2 colour winnowing fork!

In our daily life, we may often encounter that our dustpan cannot clean the ground perfectly, especially the dust! At this time we will find that it is because the edge of the dustpan has been warped and deformed! Headache!

In addition, after we clean our hairs, we will always find a pile of hair pulled on the broom, which is very difficult to clean! Headache again !

But now with this dustpan, the above headaches will be gone!

We’ve designed TPE on the edge of the dustpan, and because TPE is a kind of soft elastomer, so it can fit very well with the ground, to clean out the dust! Also on the upper edge of the dustpan, we also designed the protrusions of TPE, we can use these protrusions to separate the hair from the broom after we clean the hairs! Very easy, no need to strip your hair by hand later!

We Focare always look from the perspective of customers, the same as 2k part design and 2k mold making! A the very early stage, we have foreseen many problems that customers will encounter during his future production! Therefore, we have fully considered these during the design, to avoid the future mold modification, to save the great time and money!

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two color basket rattan design


Focare Mould, China top dual colour mold maker, offer two color basket in rattan design, plastic rattan basket injection mold 2k, double shot storage basket mould rattan!

As we all know, hot runner system is very important for the injection molds, as it will directly influence the raw material balance injecting, thus to have the good full filled plastic parts!

Focare provides freedom of design to geometrically balance melt flow to each cavity

  • Overall fill balance is optimized
  • Sharp corners and “dead spots” are eliminated
  • Channel end plugs are eliminated, no risk of leakage
  • Improved cavity-to-cavity weight variation
  • Fast color change over time

We Focare pay attention to the more details, to have the multi shot mold durable!

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bi colors plastic funnel mold design


Focare Mould, China top multi material mold maker, offer plastic funnel injection mold 2k, double colour funnel mold, folded funnel two color mold design, bi material funnel mould supply!

Turnkey 2K Mold Systems that are ready to go when they hit the production floor without being restricted to one system component manufacturer: this is what Focare’s unique capabilities make possible.

Focare is able to provide complete integration of mold, machine, product handling, temperature controller and other auxiliary equipment. With this service, there is no need to separately source the part design, 2k mold, two color injection molding machine, product handling, robotics and related equipment from different suppliers. Furthermore, with Turnkey 2k mold system customers are not required to invest countless hours in debugging their system when it arrives at their production floor. No more lost production time in getting all the individual equipment working together.

We’re always ready to serve you, if you’re still looking for the good multi shot mold maker in China!


2 component bucket foldable design


Focare Mould, China top dual component mold maker, offer two color rectangular bucket foldable design, bi material bucket mold, folding water bucket bi color mould design!

Simplify but not simple, I think this is the best state of life for we people in urban! Remove those cumbersome things from our lives, leaving only the most necessaries! And it is same with the foldable housewares, such as fold water buckets, fold drain baskets, and fold washbasins, etc. They can leave more space for our daily lives!

We Focare is committed to the developing and making two-color molds, so far, we have done the most is still simple two-color kitchenwares! But to make easy mold durable, there must be something!

We have been making continuous progress in two color molding! And we are ready for the multi shot medical molds, which with much more precision and more complex mold construction design!


bi injection baking bowls suit


Focare Mould, China top multiple component mold maker, offer baking bowls suit two color mold design, bi materials food bowl, plastic double mixing bowl mold, 2k baking bowl!

Injection mold systems provided by Focare include 2k plastic part design, mold prototyping, pilot testing and system integration. Our experience with high cavitation systems is well suited to 2k projects to end users. Focare has delivered bi materials moldsto customers in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

If you’re just new start in two color molding, if you have no idea of the good two colored plastic part design, if you’re still looking for the good two color mold maker in China, then we can be your another good choice!

Highly welcome your down visiting to see how we do our molds, thus to believe what we can do for you!