sealed 2k rubber ring mold


Focare Mould, China top 2k mold maker, quality custom you the PP and TPE sealing rings, 2 component gasket pipe, two color o-ring seals, injection molding 2k rubber rings!

Till now we’ve successfully customed 2k ring mold for Supreme pipes & Astral pipes from India, SAN TEH RAI company from Ukraine, etc.

Thanks our customers also our friends, to give us the chance! We had failed, but we learned and gained valuable experience from it, for how to make the good two color mold construction design, as which we insist believe is the key to achieve molds with excellent performance. Thanks to all our customers, never gave up on us! Now we Focare grows to be the NO.1 supplier for the multi component molds making in Taizhou!

We will move forward steply, make better 2k molds and offer better services to meet our ready & future customers‘ requirements!

If you’re interest to start a 2 color molding project, or still looking the good 2 color mold maker in China, feel free to contact with me! I’m sure we can be your another good choice!


2 component mold drainage pipe seals


Focare Mould, China top 2 component mold maker, offer quality 2K mold for drainage pipe seals, bi colors o’ring pipe, two color O’ring, PVC pipe PP and TPE ring China. Rubber seal washers two shot, two component rubber sealing ring!

Product name: 110mm two color O’ring

Material: PP+TPE hardness 60

Product dimension: dia. 122.5 * 8.6mm

Product weight: PP 2.4g, TPE 7.3g

Steel: core/cavity DIN1.2316 with hardness HRC45-48

Mold cavity: 4+4cav

Injection gate: 8 tips YUDO hot runner point gate

Injection machine: FCS 140R two color turntable machine 

Located in Huangyan mold town, where may have more than 3k mold makers here! We Focare do not want to join with other mold makers to compete with the lower cost only to gain the customers! We want to develop our own specialty, and finally we focus on the two color molds making, which requires more technician of the product & mold design, as we know, it is the first key to achieve mold with excellent performance!

Thanks to our customers to give us the chance, we steply grow and gain the strong experience for the 2K mould making! So now we’re more confident and promise to offer you the best quality 2K mold with the most competitive cost !

Welcome your new inquiry of 2 component mold!


China bi colors o'ring mold pipe

Two color mold rubber O-ring seals


Mold name: bi color orings

Plastic material: PP+TPE

Product dimension: dia.86 * 9.9mm

Product weight: first color 2.13g, second color 4.5g

Mold cavity: 4+4

Mold steel: core /cavity S136 with hardness HRC45-48

Mold injection: 8 tips YUDO point gate

Mold dimension: 670*440*407mm

Taizhou specialist two color molds maker, Focare Mould Co.,Ltd. quality offer bi color mold for TPE rubber Orings and seals, sealing washer, TPE sealed rings mold multi shot injection!

We insist believe that mold construction design and steel quality are the key to achieve mold with excellent performance! That’s why we pay our great attention on the mold construction, and under our in-depth study and experiences gained from previous two color projects, finally we have our own unique mold structure design especially for two colors molds making!

Feel free to contact me if you have any new two shot molds inquiry, I’d love to share you the details mold structure! To see is to believe!