two shot double walled glass mold


Focare Mould, China top multi k mold maker, quality offer two shot insulated plastic glass mold, multi color drink cup double walled, double bottom coffee mug rotary mold, insulated cup!

With decades years of experience and a focus on quality, Focare is one of the best in our industry. Most of our projects are designing and producing customized molds for our clients, especially the multiple component mold, to fulfill a need for a unique or specialized plastic part.

We offer the best quality custom plastic molds at very competitive rates. Combined, we have rich experience in making nearly any kind of mold, from the simple prototype to complex, multi-cavity mold.

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insulated plastic mugs two color mold design

Focare Mould is a global provider of sophisticated integrated plastic tooling solutions for the multi shot injection molding. From product and mold design to complete systems integration, Focare Mould develops multi shot molds, which provides the most effective and efficient production solutions. We Focare differentiates itself by delivering higher productivity to the caps, closures, technical and medical markets.


Above is our technical innovation in multi shot molding, to have the insulated plastic mugs in two color design!

No need to do the ultrasonic in secondary process, just by one step molding with 2k / 3k injection machine!

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double walled facial cream cup 2 color

2k cream cup twin wallFocare Mould, China top multi component mold maker, offer quality double walled cream cup mold, double bottom facial cream cup 2 color, twin-wall face cream cup 2k design, double injection plastic cups twofold wall!

Support from Focare’s engineering team and their ability to help design the plastic cream cup with double walled in 2k or 3k by one step molding! No need to do the ultrasonic by secondary steps!

From my personal opinion, it will be greatly helpful for the cosmetic market!

Because of the PC material, the quality of the complete cream cup will be much higher than ordinary PP material! In additionally, the hollow and multi-color design makes the cup more high-end!

Maybe someone will comment why not make it so complex to be hollow design, just make the bottom solid!

But dear, if the cup bottom is very thin, it means you will have to put much more cream into the cup in big volume, then your return on investment will be too low! Or just few into the cup in mini volume, which will make the customers feel that you’re so stingy!

And if the cup bottom is very thick, then the molding cycle will be toooo long!

Anyway, if you’re still looking for the good multi shot mold maker in China, then I’m sure we can be your another good choice!


double bottom wine glass plastic injection mold


How to have the double bottom tumblers? Well, the most common one is glasses, and it is welded by glue with ultrasound, thus to have the appearance that the middle of the two glasses looks hollow!

But as we all know that glass is very fragile, so can we use plastic instead of glass, but still retaining the hollow style in the middle of the two glasses? The answer is yes!

With the efforts of our genius team, we have developed an innovative mold construction design. We canceled the ultrasound welding method in the secondary stage, directly by plastic injecting in one step, to have exactly the same glass as above pictures showed – double bottom wine glass in plastic, also it can be 2k or 3k !

Now the mold is under making, and we plan to show it on Chinaplast 2020, together with Yizumi 3 color machine!

Focare invites you to bring us your 2k mold / 3k mold project big or small, and you will receive full support right from the design stage to prototyping and commercial launch of your product.

Focare provides full support through an experienced part design team that has done a huge number of different multi shot applications.