co injection plastic beer steins

China two color beer mug mold

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Translational drive structure of die rack, suggest translational drive device to driven by an SMS hydraulic motor, a link is used to drive upper and lower gearboxes, and driving gear meshes with rack to drive core part to do translational movement. Gear box is used to reduce speed to increase torque, realize high power output of small motor, structure is small and compact. If mold adopts traditional hydraulic motor to drive translation structure, it is easy to cause inconsistent movements of hydraulic motors due to oil circuit pressure loss, uneven fitting clearance, and inconsistent friction factors, resulting in unbalanced translation movement. After the first injection is completed, mold is opened, and hydraulic motor drives core to move to cavity 2 position for soft plastic injection. After injection is completed, mold is opened, hydraulic motor resets core again and enters next injection molding cycle.

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