multi component grips home storage mold


Focare Mould, China top two tone mold maker, quality offer multiple material utility box clip mold, dual component tool trunk organizer mold, dichromatic grips home storage mold, pp tpe latch tote crate mold.

Based on 3D product data provided by customers, with aim of high quality, low cost, excellent technology and strong structure, die structure data are designed according to requirements of customers’ standards, and summarized in the field processing and debugging to improve die structure data.

  • Help customers adjust wall thickness of products reasonably and find the best balance between product quality and production cost.
  • Predict weld mark, gas mark, trap and other defects of product appearance, predict and control them on the mould.
  • Predict product deformation, help customers to improve product assembly structure, pre-design to avoid deformation.
  • Reasonable arrangement of glue feeding and cooling system can achieve the best process effect and the most economical investment.
  • Provide optimized production process parameters to help customers solve product injection production problems.
  • Participate in product design to support customers, and carry out feasibility analysis of product and die structure, remove problem points in the early stage, save time and cost for die design and processing, and improve quality.

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