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Aiming at this type of two-color/multi-color soft and hard rubber products, let’s share experience of designing two-color product soft and hard rubber exterior molds. Common defects and problems in appearance of soft and hard rubber of two-color products: the first color hard rubber embossing deformation/crushing

Reason analysis:

  1. Mould strength:
    If thickness of the mold is not enough, pressure deformation of mold during injection will be greater, and cracking will easily appear.
  2. Product shrinkage/ Injection pressure::
    Hard rubber product of the first color will cool and shrink after injection, and it is easy to cause problems such as glue overflow and cracking when injecting soft rubber product of second color
  3. Fixed mold packing tightness:
    When first-color hard rubber product is opened, product is partially pulled loose and a gap is created with movable mold core. When second-color soft rubber product is molded, problems such as overflow of glue and product crushing are likely to occur
  4. Insufficient avoidance:
    Due to insufficient clearance, hard rubber product of first color is likely to be crushed when second color soft rubber product is molded
  5. Temperature issues:
    Uneven cooling of hard rubber product of first color results in large product deformation. When soft rubber product of second color is injected, hard rubber product of first color is prone to imprint deformation
  6. Product problems:
    Product R-angle sealing or sharp-angle joints are likely to cause product cracking, problems such as overflowing and cracking may occur when second color soft rubber product is injected

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