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Suggestions for Maintenance of Two-shot Mold

  • Check for loose or damaged fastening parts of the double shot mold. The solution is to find parts of the same specification for replacement.
  • After the mold has been used for a long time, the cutting edge must be cleaned and ground. After grinding, the surface of the cutting edge must be demagnetized, otherwise it will easily block the material.
  • Elastic parts such as springs of the two-shot mold are most susceptible to damage during use. Breakage and deformation usually occur.
  • The method adopted is to replace, and the specifications and model of the spring must be paid attention to during the replacement process.
  • Two-shotmold punch during use prone to breakage or bending. Damage to the punch and the sleeve is generally replaced with parts of the same specification. The parameters of the punch mainly include the working part size, the mounting part size, and the length size.
  • Check the pressure plate, top plate and other parts of the double shot mold. During maintenance, check the accessories of each part and whether there is any damage, and repair the damaged parts. Pneumatic ejector check for air leaks, and specific measures taken.

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