multi color seal cream jar cap mold

China 2K cap mold cosmetic jar
2k cosmetic cap mold

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Unscrewing molding, especially 2k unscrew molding is a unique injection molding process with mold technology that includes movement and rotation to produce threaded components. Some plastic parts such as caps and closures with detailed threads cannot be removed using standard knock-off methods. After they are molded, parts need to be carefully unscrewed from mold to avoid damaging the threads.

The unscrewing molds are part of everyday use, which may cause you to think that you won’t need to spend much time considering the required design. To demonstrate the wide use of this particular mold type, the following is a shortlist of the types of products that use unscrewing molds in the design:

• Bottle and milk caps
• Condition and shampoo lids
• Prescription medication bottles
• Medical supplies
• Sprinkler and showerheads
• Screws, nuts, and bolts

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