double shot cosmetic tube twist cap mold

two color moisturizer tube closure mold

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Suggestions for Two-shot Molding:

  • The hard plastic is molded for the first time, and the soft plastic is molded for the second time. Transparent for the first time, non-transparent for the second time. The plastic with high molding temperature is molded for the first time, and the plastic with low molding temperature is used for the second molding.
  • Before the official production, test the mold to produce a complete product.
  • Identify all possible defects in the process and eliminate them before the mold is manufactured.
  • Consider the shrinkage of the two materials.In general, shrinkage is determined by the material that is first formed.
  • A second injection can only be made after the first injection has been completely completed.
  • Consider the molded position, to prevent damage in the process.
  • Allow the edge of the first injection molded part to be too large. This ensures a higher pressure during the second injection.
  • Ensure that the parameters of the injection unit provide the required pressure, flow rate and cooling capacity.
  • Ensure that the structural strength of the first molded part can withstand the injection pressure of the second molding.

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